PREVIEW: Record Store Day 2024 Essential Rock, Metal and Punk Releases

Another Record Store Day is upon us and we are still to bring you our pretty comprehensive list of what releases we think you should be picking up, and labels you ought to support. We get that commercialism and capitalism a kind of destroying the whole world, but at the same time if you love music, and if you especially love underground music, you want to support artists as hardcore as possible. The best way to do that is to put money in their pockets so they can keep doing what you love, and what they love. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Marcus King – Mood Swings

Having teamed up with Black Keys frontman Dan Auberbach for the last two albums, on his new one Mood Swings (American Recordings/Republic Records/Snakefarm Records) Marcus King is helped out by producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin. Gone is the seventies, bluesy Rock N’ Roll of the previous record Young Blood, in its place is R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop and Classic Rock influences with King’s smokey, bluesman vocals taking centre stage. Continue reading

Danny Carey Reveals Ancient Tool Band History Secrets, New “Ænima” Vinyl Remaster and More in a New Interview with Rick Beato

In a new interview with popular Rock music YouTuber Rick Beato, Danny Carey of Tool welcomes Rick into the band’s secret Los Angeles rehearsal studio, where much of the band’s music has been formed since 1989-1990. In a wide-ranging chat nearly an hour Danny discussed the formation of the band, how he met Maynard James Keenan and Adam Jones, his work in the music industry before Tool was a band, his influences growing-up as well as in-depth discussions of his drumming techniques, hardware and the key to his tunings, as well as recording secrets of the band, the not yet announced new “Ænima” vinyl remaster, Fear Innoculum and live performance notes. For Tool fans bands, future aspiring drummers and prog musicians, this is a must-watch!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Joey Vera of Armored Saint on Touring with Queensrÿche, and Progress Towards Their Next Album

Ghost Cult Keefy chatted once again with a friend to the channel Joey Vera of Armored Saint! the band is about to join up with Queensryche to tour the US, with both bands playing old-school sets. Joey discussed the tour, the artistry of bass playing, and the bands’ plans for a new record, due out in 2025 via Metal Blade Records!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Page Hamilton of Helmet Breaks Down His New Album “Left’

Ghost Cult caught up with Page Hamilton of Metal legends Helmet! Their 2023 album “Left” was released via earMUSIC, and is a document of where the band is musically, mentally, and politically. Page shared a track-by-track breakdown, discussed his creative process, why he went so deep on politics in his lyrics this time, the longevity of the current lineup of the band, and much more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Polar Sun – Wax – Wane

Rising from Brighton, United Kingdom, the genre-bending quintet Polar Sun (formerly known as Porshyne) self-release their new album Wax / Wane, which presents a mix of styles from electronic and Jazz to post-Rock and Math Rock.

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German instrumental three-piece ZAHN (featuring members of Einstürzende Neubauten and Heads) combines musical elements that might seem strange on paper, but make perfect sense on record.

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EP REVIEW: The Callous Daoboys – God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys


Much like the Atlanta band’s name is a mocking twist on the Dallas Cowboys, their take on metalcore is a mocking twist on the genre. Normally this sort of thing is not my personal taste, and I write it off as MySpace metal, however these guys have perverted in such a manner that it appeals to me. They are aggressive yet highly skilled in the mathematics of their contorted riffing.

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