INTERVIEW: Marty Friedman Brings The Emotions on “Drama” (Album Breakdown)

In this episode, Marty Friedman, the legendary guitarist, and former Megadeth member, discusses his latest album “Drama”. In this exclusive interview with Keefy, Marty dives deep into the creative process behind “Drama,” sharing insights into the musical influences and themes that shaped this captivating release.Continue reading

PODCAST: Dr. Monique Williams and Cobe Williams of Cure Violence Global Share Their Mission

In the last of our Riot Fest 2023 content, Keefy caught up with Dr. Monique Williams and Cobe Williams of Cure Violence! Amidst the Rock and revelry of the festival CVG’s mission is so very needed to be heard in cites like Chicago, New York, and elsewhere with strategies to help rise above over cycles of unending violence. We were honored to spend some time with these paradigm shifters and game-changers of culture. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Per Wiberg Breaks Down His New Album – “The Serpent’s Here”

Ghost Cult welcomed back former guest and a favorite of ours: Per Wiberg (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Opeth, Candlemass, Clutch/The Bakerton Group, Switchblade, Kamchatka)! He recently released his new solo album “The Serpent’s Here” via Despotz Records. Per broke down the the new album with us, chats about his artwork, and always looking to the future and not backwards musically!Continue reading

Corey Glover of Sonic Universe Talks About Their Debut Album “It Is What It Is”

In our latest episode Ghost Cult’s Omar Cordy chatted with Corey Glover (Living Colour, Disciples of Verity, solo) to discuss his new rock supergroup Sonic Universe, ft. shredder Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob)! Their debut album It Is What It Is – out soon from earMUSIC! Corey discussed the formation of the band, the new album, and much more!

Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Ray Adler (Fates Warning) of North Sea Echoes Unveils a Fresh New Sound

In this episode, Ray Adler of Fates Warning fame drops by to discuss his new project, North Sea Echoes, which he reunites with Jim Matheos (Arch Matheos). Their debut album “Really Good Terrible Things” is out now via Metal Blade Records! Ray discusses songcraft, being gloomier sounding on this project, and how he keeps his considerable voice in shape. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Matt Harvey Talks About “Toward The Cold Light” Album, Superman, and His Favorite Soundtracks

In this episode, Ghost Cult Keefy chats with returning guest, Matt Harvey of Exhumed! In addition to his many Death Metal bands, he also composed solo instrumental albums, such as his new one for 2024, “Toward The Cold Light!” Matt discusses how he composes instrumental music, his non-guitar musical influences, a love of sci-fi and comic books, thoughts on Superman, and much more! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Brendon Small of Deathklok Feature Interview (2024 Supercut)

You have two weeks left to catch the current tour from Metalocalypse – Dethklok and Brendon Small, with support from Dragonforce and Nekrogoblikon! Also, catch them for two special Bay area shows with Baabymetal!

In 2023 to promote the then new Dethklok albums and movie (Water Tower Music), Brendon did a long interview with Omar Cordy that we broke up into two parts. Enjoy this supercut by Omar of both chats! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. Talks The “A-Side Graffiti” Album and Being An Elder Punk

In this episode, Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with Punk Rock legend Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. ! Their new album “A-Side Graffiti” is out now on Kitten Robot Records! Jack discussed the new album, his choices of cover songs, his love or RnB singers such as Amerie, working with Keith Morris of Circle Jerks , the many hats he wears such as actor – published author – screenwriter, and his memories if the classic 1980s Punk movie “Suburbia” by Penelope Spheeris! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Hekseblad’s Bruxa on “The Witcher” Themed Black Metal of “Kaer Morhen”

Anticipated is a word that gets thrown around a lot, like the sun also rising after a dark night of the soul. In Black Metal, the soul generally wants to stay in the dark. A long cold night can be fuel for triumphs. Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series contains both hope and ferocious challenges, the perfect inspiration for up-and-coming metal duo Hekseblad’s bombastic sonic exclamations. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Sundrifter Talks About Their “An Earlier Time” Album, and The Spirit of Collaboration

In this episode, Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with the guys from Sundrifter! Their new album “An Earlier Time” is out now via Small Stone Records! The band discussed the genesis of the new album, the concepts behind the album, cool psychedelic artwork, the current Boston music scene, and more!Continue reading