INTERVIEW: Hekseblad’s Bruxa on “The Witcher” Themed Black Metal of “Kaer Morhen”

Anticipated is a word that gets thrown around a lot, like the sun also rising after a dark night of the soul. In Black Metal, the soul generally wants to stay in the dark. A long cold night can be fuel for triumphs. Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series contains both hope and ferocious challenges, the perfect inspiration for up-and-coming metal duo Hekseblad’s bombastic sonic exclamations. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Sundrifter Talks About Their “An Earlier Time” Album, and The Spirit of Collaboration

In this episode, Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with the guys from Sundrifter! Their new album “An Earlier Time” is out now via Small Stone Records! The band discussed the genesis of the new album, the concepts behind the album, cool psychedelic artwork, the current Boston music scene, and more!Continue reading

Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler to be Interview at a Live Event Hosted by Brian Posehn at Colorado’s Gothic Theatre

2F9TEF1 English rock band Black Sabbath: guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, bassist Geezer Butler and vocalist Ozzy Osbourne

In June 2023, famed Black Sabbath bassist, published his revealing autobiography, Into the Void. He is now getting ready for a live interview with comedian Brian Posehn, discussing the book, his life, and career. The event, dubbed Filling the Void, will take place at Englewood, Colorado’s Gothic Theatre on May 22, 2024. Keep reading below for more information.
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INTERVIEW: Marcus Bridge of Northlane Breaks Down Their New “Mirror’s Edge” EP

Ghost Cult Keefy welcomed back in Marcus Bridge of Australia’s Metalcore kings Northlane. Their new EP Mirror’s Edge is out on April 12th, 2024 and is a star-studded affair. We caught up on the last few years of life for the band, why the EP is like a reverse “greatest hits” release, working with Will Putney, having collabs with Winston McCall of Parkway Drive and Ian Kenny of Karnivool, bringing back Brendon Padjasek for some guest growls, and the future of the band, and his favorite Marvel Comics!
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INTERVIEW: Jason Thompson of Death Pose Talks About “Midnight Society” and The Chicago Scene

Ghost Cult Keefy Chicago musician Jason S. Thompson chatted about his new band Death Pose (members of Typesetter, Little Teeth, The Sky We Scrape), and their new music. Initially called “big bird” – they released their debut album “Midnight Society” via the great Brutal Panda Records last fall! Jason and Keefy nerded out about their mutual Converge love, how the band formed, of course why Pizza in Chicago is trash, and food options for vegans!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Shybaby Is Ferocious and Romantic on the Debut Album “Is This Intimate”

Brooklyn-based DIY Punk Shybaby doesn’t shy away from screaming her heart out and expressing her unapologetic vulnerability on her debut album Is This Intimate. Released on March 1st, 2024, she admits this project was an attempt to say all the things she’s been longing to convey. Reminiscent of a modern-day Debbie Harry of Blondie, Shybaby infuses DIY punk with Ramones-esque bubblegum flavor to create a body of work that brings a brutal burst of color to the current punk scene.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Brendon Small of Metalocalypse Dethklok talks “About The Mutilation” on a Spring Night Tour

In a new interview with Brendon Small of Metalocalypse – Dethklok and Ghost Cult chief editor Keefy, we talked extensively about the upcoming new tour, with Dragonforce and Nekrogoblikon! Brendon discussed musical preparation, managing the entire tour, working with his friends, the expectations of fans, reuniting for a few dates with BABYMETAL, out on guitars, and more! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Mike Hambright of Into the Deep on The “Blackfin” Album, and Harnessing The Power of The Sea

Last winter Keefy caught up with Mike Hambright of Raleigh, North Carolina’s oceanic-themed Progressive Music band Into The Deep! They released their new album “Blackfin” to start 2024 and we caught up to go track by track on the album, discuss the album’s themes, and more!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Casey Hurd of Hinayana on “Shatter And Fall” – and The Origin of Their Band Name Death Metal

Last fall Keefy caught up with Cassy Hurd of Hinayana! They released their album “Shatter And Fall” via Napalmrecords and toured Europe with Wolfheart late in 2023! Cassey took us from his start as solo Death Metal artist to meeting and forming a band with his now best friends, and much more! Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 445 – Tom Osman Interviews Felix Gebhard of Zahn

Tom Osman interviews Felix Gebhard of Zahn! Zahn features members of Einstürzende Neubauten, and ex-The Ocean. The synth-driven avant-garde trio released their new album Adria – late last year via Crazysane Records! Tom and Felix discussed the origins of the band, their approach to songwriting, thoughts on streaming inequities and Bandcamp, and much more. Continue reading