INTERVIEW: Collective Soul’s Latest Masterpiece with Will Turpin on “Here to Eternity”

In this episode, returning guest Will Turpin, the talented bassist of Collective Soul, dives into the band’s latest album, “Here to Eternity.” In this in-depth conversation with Keefy, Will shares the creative journey behind the album, revealing the stories and inspirations that shaped its distinctive sound. As well as insights into Collective Soul’s enduring legacy and approach to creating timeless rock music.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Marty Friedman Brings The Emotions on “Drama” (Album Breakdown)

In this episode, Marty Friedman, the legendary guitarist, and former Megadeth member, discusses his latest album “Drama”. In this exclusive interview with Keefy, Marty dives deep into the creative process behind “Drama,” sharing insights into the musical influences and themes that shaped this captivating release.Continue reading

PODCAST: Dr. Monique Williams and Cobe Williams of Cure Violence Global Share Their Mission

In the last of our Riot Fest 2023 content, Keefy caught up with Dr. Monique Williams and Cobe Williams of Cure Violence! Amidst the Rock and revelry of the festival CVG’s mission is so very needed to be heard in cites like Chicago, New York, and elsewhere with strategies to help rise above over cycles of unending violence. We were honored to spend some time with these paradigm shifters and game-changers of culture. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Dethklock – Babymetal – DragonForce Live at the Masonic Auditorium

I returned to the Masonic Auditorium for the second time in a few months to see an awesome metal show! I have mostly seen punk shows at this venue, which is odd, because it is perfectly suited for extravaganzas like the Mutilation on a Spring Night tour from Dethklock. Typically the tour features the headline band on their second go around the US along with DragonForce and Necrogoblikon but tonight we were in for a special exclusive treat. For two nights only and predating their appearance at Sick New World Festival, Baby Metal was going to grace us with a redux of the BabyKlock tour from 2023. So tonight we got full sets from Babymetal, DethKlock, and DragonForce. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Turner – Undefeated

A new Frank Turner album is an event. One of the preeminent songwriters of the last two decades, we greet it with high expectations. Not unlike Buck in the book The Call of The Wild by Jack London, life around us becomes increasingly more complicated and vicious daily. Do we become more savage, or learn to “be more kind?” That is often the only question that needs asking. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Grumpster – Grumpster

Contrary to popular belief, Pop Punk and Emo are far from dead and buried. There are tons of true-school cool pocket scenes all over with great bands and fans supporting the hell out of them. One of best bands that have come from the underground recently to earn props is Grumpster from Oakland. Always a legendary place for Punk (thank you East Bay scene, 924 Gilman Street), but has had more than a few killer bands of late too. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: HEATH – Pixel Grip – King Yoseph – Sacred Skin Live at August Hall

San Francisco on a Tuesday. I decided to walk downtown since it was a nice night as I jammed out to help with my earbuds all the way there from West Soma. It was already a long line to get in but the staff there is always excellent and usher people in quickly. Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 460 – The Power Hour with Keefy and Tom Osman – April 2024 Metal Album Releases Forecast

The Power Hour is back with another episode recapping all the essential Rock and Metal releases we had in March ’24, and the new albums due out in April! Ghost Cult’s Reviews Editor and scribe Tom Osman joins Chief Editor Keefy, they chat about all the new music we have been digging, Black Metal more, Butt Rock, and our Album of the Month for March 2024! – It’s Mastiff, and it’s massive!Continue reading