CONCERT REVIEW: Vader – Origin – Inhuuman Condition Live at DNA Lounge

Rolling into DNA Lounge on a Friday night I was disappointed to learn that the doors opened earlier than expected and the first band had already played by the time I walked in. Generally speaking, I always have a good time at DNA Lounge, but this was pretty disappointing, as I like to try to catch all the bands if I can. Despite my old-man at the club status, I do believe in supporting every band on a bill. The number one thing you can do as a club is just be consistent about the basics. Moving on.Continue reading

CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Slayer Released Their Debut Album “Show No Mercy” 40 Years Ago


Melding their NWOBHM influences with their sinister intentions and hella fast speed Metal, Slayer hit the scene as a band in 1981. After their recorded debut on Metal Blade’s Metal Massacre II, and then later that year – Show No Mercy would arrive on December 3rd, 1983, also via Metal Blade. This was less than a month after being hastily recorded. Few understood how important a debut or band would become.

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PODCAST: KISS – The End of The Road Debate – Legendary Farewell or Controversial Exit

Ghost Cult Keefy was joined by a cavalcade of metal personalities for a debate surrounding the final shows ever from KISS! In this video, we’ll be debating whether or not we think the KISS farewell tour was a successful, or a controversial exit. Was it a perfect ending to an iconic band, or did they go too far? We will also discuss the bands’ place in Classic Rock lore, the best and worst moments in the band’s history, and what their legacy is. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Riot Fest 2023 Live at Douglas Park


After many years of covering Riot Fest at Ghost Cult, your intrepid chief of editor got to experience it for himself. The lineup was too good to be true, even the competition from the many Punk and Metal festivals all happening around the same time in the USA. Having personally covered one other festival in Chicago in the past, (RIP Chicago Open Air), I was excited to spend some time here.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Baroness – Stone


Since the music of Baroness has been unlike any other band to me, and more akin to a spiritual experience since I first got into them in 2007, I set the mood for myself before listening. I turned the lights down low, cracked the window open to get a nice breeze going, and heard the sound of large late summer raindrops filling my ears. The city’s heartbeat in the deep background was the only other sound besides my breathing. I just stared at the new album artwork for five straight minutes. At peace for a change, in the still and calm of myself, and by chance, present in the city of my birth for a few days, I hit play on the promo and then let the first notes hit me.

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Glacially Musical 147: Cannibal Corpse – “The Bleeding” Reviewed, Disected, and ______ With A ____

GMP continues our series on Cannibal Corpse with “The Bleeding!” A concept album that leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s also a farewell to Chris Barnes and hello to riff machine Rob Barrett!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Sevendust – Truth Killer

Closing in on 30 years into their career, you couldn’t blame Sevendust if they took their foot off the gas at this stage. They have indicated as much that they are looking to tour less intensely as they have been, as the bands have families and are thinking of their futures. The band has slogged it out for decades on countless tours, metal festivals worldwide, and at times, more intimate unplugged gigs as well. While there are surely not a lot of new mountains to climb, it’s refreshing to see that the band is still hungry, and challenging themselves to create quality new songs on their 14th album Truth Killer. Following a successful run at Rise Records, the band has found a new home in Napalm Records, home to many of their peers and touring partners. The vibe at Napalm fits better than Rise did, as they head into this next phase of their career.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Foo Fighters – But Here We Are


Ronnie James Dio. David Bowie. Dimebag Darrell. Lemmy. Jeff Hanneman. John Lennon. Kurt Cobain. Layne Staley. Trevor Strnad.


Countless others.


We all know where we were when we first heard they had died.

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The Weekly Ritual Rock and Metal News Show 1-20-23

Catch up on what you missed this week in the world of Rock and Metal news with our show! #musicnews #rocknews #metalnews #interviews #newmusicfriday #vinylcollector #metalmerch #musicnews #metalnews #rocknews

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical Episode #102: Emily Burton of Fireball Ministry and Black Sabbitch on The Best Stoner Doom Albums Ever


The Glacially Musical Pouredcast is a weekly Podcast that has three principles: Beer, Metal, and Swearing (and also Vinyl, NHL, and other topics)! Hosted by Nik Cameron – grown out of the Glacially Musical blog is all about great music and vinyl collecting. For this special chaser episode we are joined by Emily Burton of Fireball Ministry Official and Black Sabbitch! This is our first episode featuring an interview with an artist we covered in a past series. Emily fact-checked the shit out of us, and corrected some stuff we got wrong (oops, sorry), and was delightful. After a discussion about her many projects and some F.M. news, we discussed some of our favorite stoner doom records ever.

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