Est. 2012

Established in 2012, Ghost Cult Magazine is a music news, interviews, and reviews portal dedicated to covering Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Indie Rock, Doom, Prog, death, black metal, sludge, grindcore bands, underground artists and a lot more! We report on music without the bs of other websites. Ghost Cult’s writing team is made up of experienced writers, seasoned music journalists, and concert photographers all over the world that seek to uncover music that challenges listeners and fans. We provide music news updates daily, feature interviews with bands you care about, and cover music festivals and concerts all over the world. We are fans of music too, so you should be as well since we have zero tolerance for trolls and asshats in our community. Our pledge to you is to emulate the music we love by ensuring that our website offers in-depth discussion, coverage, and criticism of music that defies expectations.

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