INTERVIEW: Eyal Levi of Daath Breaks Down Their Comeback Album “The Deceivers”

In this episode, we welcome back Eyal Levi of DAATH to break down their new album, The Deceivers out now via Metal Blade Records! Eyal discussed the album, the new lineup, the chances of extensive touring, and much more! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Anadivine Revisit Their “Zoo” Album 20 Years Later and Their New Reissue

Anadivine from Kingston, NY have been gaining cult status over the years as one of the finest melodic prog-tinged emo punk bands of the early 00s. As someone who grew up friends with the band and who also helped shape the Hudson Valley alternative scene myself, I still objectively think some of Anadivine’s sophisticated melody-laced songs like “Capitol Arrangement”, “Dangerous Mixed With” or “Filling The Lungs (Of This Dead Machine)” remain some of the best rock to emerge from the region. “The Timid Gentleman” still proves Anadivine had some of the best hooks around. Twenty summers have passed since the band released their full-length effort Zoo, a time when Coheed & Cambria, Three, my old Nu/Post-hardcore band Divest, Anadivine, Shai Hulud, and more were all playing to growing crowds and gaining steam in the region.

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Six Hours (Salted Wounds, Red Heart Field, The Rings Exile Me) Release Their New EP – “Ascend”

Multi-national Extreme Metal project Six Hours (sometimes stylized as 6Hours) has released their new six-song EP – Ascend. The EP surprise dropped on the International Six Hours day, June 6th at 6 AM, or 6/6 at 6 AM, a.k.a. the most metal day of the year and International Day of Slayer! The band features vocalist and lyricist Urs Dorian Schmieling (The Rings Exile Me) and musician, composer, producer, and artist Fahad Syed (Salted Wounds, Red Heart Field). Close followers of Ghost Cult’s website and socials have heard Fahad’s music often as he is also the music composer of Ghost Cult’s YouTube videos, and much more! The Six Hours Ascend EP is out now wherever you stream your music and you can watch the video for the title track below. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Charlie Parra del Riego on Shred Guitar, Touring with Chris Jericho (Fozzy), and Social Media

In this episode, Keefy caught up with Guitar master and Content Creator Charlie Parra del Riego! In addition to having several bands, touring with Chris Jericho’s (Fozzy) covers band around the world, Charlie is an infamous YouTuber with many iconic videos, covers, and collabs, and social media influencer! We talked all about his many interests and areas of expertise!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Tom Osman Interviews My Dying Bride’s Andrew Craighan About “A Mortal Binding”

In this episode, Andrew Craighan, founding member and guitarist of ⁠My Dying Bride⁠, has a compelling discussion with Tom Osman about the band’s latest release, “A Mortal Binding,” available now via ⁠Nuclear Blast Records⁠. Gain a deeper understanding of the album’s concepts and the band’s enduring influence on the metal genre.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: The “Profane Prayer” of Su*cidal Angels with Nick Melissourgos

In this episode, we have an electrifying chat with guitarist and vocalist Nick Melissourgos of the Greek Thrash Metal band Suicidal Angels, as he discusses their latest album Profane Prayer, now available on Nuclear Blast Records! Nick dives into the album’s themes and the band’s relentless energy. Find out what keeps their enduring dedication to the thrash metal genre.Continue reading

VIDEO: Bryan Black of Black Asteroid Discusses His “Infinite Darkness” – Electronic Music, and More

In this episode, Bryan Black a.k.a. Black Asteroid chatted with Keefy about his new album “Infinite Darkness” out now via Artoffact Records label! We went deep with him on his entire career, his work with Prince, and many others, leading him to this new release. We delved into his creative process, different approaches to recording and performing, writing for guest collaborators such as Ian Astbury of The Cult, and much more!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Unveiling “Fury Made Flesh” with Second Shooter Vocalist Melanie Johnson

In this Episode, vocalist Melanie Johnson of the death metal band Second Shooter. She discusses the band’s origin and their powerful debut album, “Fury Made Flesh,” available now on Into It Records. Melanie delves into the band’s journey from inception to their debut release, exploring the themes and musical influences that define their unique approach to death metal and the creative process behind their intense and visceral sound.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Dallas Smith (Barghest) of Faustian on “Primordial Rot” and More

Following up 2022’s banger S/T EP, Louisiana death metal trio Faustian are back with a soul-searing new single “Primordial Rot”. The group are flowing with creativity like the River Styx flows with hatred, so come sail away with them! In all seriousness, this band is poised to be one of your new favorites. “Primordial Rot” seethes with masterful blunt force and “Morbid” upheaval combining acute skill with caveman mean mugging for a perfect death metal fix. It was a pleasure to speak with Dallas Smith (also of Barghest) about the gestation of the project.

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INTERVIEW: The Sound of “Tarantula Heart” with Buzz Osborne of The Melvins Reveals New Album’s Creative Path

In this exclusive conversation with Ghost Cult Keefy, Buzz Osbourne explores the creative process behind the new album Tarantula Heart out now via Ipecac Recordings discussing its themes, inspirations, and perspectives on Melvins’ iconic sound.Continue reading