ALBUM REVIEW: Ani Difranco – Unprecedented Shit

In the nineties Ani Difranco was a kick in the ass to the Lilith Fair sirens basking in their feelings, bringing a punk attitude to the strum of her alternative folk. Now twenty-two albums deep in her career Unprecedented Shit (Righteous Babe Records) finds her older and wiser, yet still aware of her mission statement.Continue reading


I’ve been finding lately that splits coming out in the last several years have been reminding everyone why they are a cool, and slightly more affordable, way to showcase music for the masses. DISKORD and ATVM teamed up to put together thirty-five minutes of their brands of death metal on this collective effort, forever known as Bipolarities (Transcending Obscurity Records). Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Tim Montana – Savage

After spending a long time away from his childhood state of Montana, Tim Montana decided to return to create his awaited fifth album, Savage (Music Knox Records / BBR / BMG Nashville), inspired by his previous life there, and the state itself. In interviews, Montana has said that Savage was an attempt at being lyrically brutally honest”. For an artist whose words were already quite poignant, this next level up could be the thing that pushes him to whole new horizons when it comes to his music, but will this new writing process and inspiration become fruitful for Montana?Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Lord Buffalo – Holus Bolus

A dark cloud is on the horizon. There’s a sense that a storm is coming. But while such imagery often suggests bad times ahead, with Holus Bolus (Blues Funeral Recordings), the latest record by brooding Folk-Rock four-piece Lord Buffalo, those coming rains could be a welcome release. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Vuur and Zijde – Boezem

Boezem (Prophecy Productions) is the debut from the Dutch quintet Vuur & Zijde. It is a moody display of blackened post-Punk, (post-Punk meets Black Metal to you and me), sung mostly in their mother tongue and in the little heard-of language Frisian.    Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Scarcity – The Promise Of Rain

Second album from Scarcity, the Brooklyn based avantgarde Black Metal collective, who have managed to create a sound like no other on a record that well and truly bends the mind. This is black metal, but not as we know it. True, the blackened-screams of vocalist Doug Moore (Pyrrhon / Seputus) are delivered with a typical dark venom, but they are perhaps the most conventional aspect of the sound Scarcity purvey.

Continue reading


When bands make the grand announcement that their next album is to be their last this usually means one of two things. It won’t actually be their final record at all, or the end product will probably ending up being some lacklustre, contractual obligation full of second-hand riffs that never made it onto previous records. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Akhlys – House Of The Black Geminus

Over the past nine years since releasing The Dreaming, things changed for this band. Changed in the best way possible as Akhlys’ new album House Of The Black Geminus (Debemur Morti Productions) features a darker, more intricate layering of sounds, at least on the opening track of their new album. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Maudissez – Maudissez

What Maudissez are able to do with instruments (at least I assume they’re instruments) is unsettling to the nth degree.

The anonymous and self-described anti-Christian blackened sludge-cum-Death/Doom entity doesn’t simply make music; the four tracks featured within Maudissez (Sentient Ruin Labs) are as raw as a mooing filet mignon. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Piah Mater – Under The Shadow Of A Foreign Sun

The answer to the question “What if Opeth were Brazilian and even more progressive?”, Rio de Janeiro act Piah Mater return after a six-year absence with the genre-bending Under The Shadow Of A Foreign Sun (Code666 Records).Continue reading