INTERVIEW: Eddie Berg of Imminence Discusses Their New Album “The Black” and More

In our latest episode – Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with vocalist/violinist Eddie Berg of Swedish Progressive Metalcore band Imminence! The band just released their killer new album “The Black” via Believe Music! Eddie discussed the origins of the band, some love for native bands like In Flames, how they make music, the local scene where they live, and some love for Linkin Park!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Collective Soul’s Latest Masterpiece with Will Turpin on “Here to Eternity”

In this episode, returning guest Will Turpin, the talented bassist of Collective Soul, dives into the band’s latest album, “Here to Eternity.” In this in-depth conversation with Keefy, Will shares the creative journey behind the album, revealing the stories and inspirations that shaped its distinctive sound. As well as insights into Collective Soul’s enduring legacy and approach to creating timeless rock music.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Luca Indrio of Necrot Discusses “Lifeless Birth” – Riffs and Growing a Monster

Ghost Cult Keefy once again chatted with Luca Indrio of Necrot to discuss their new album “Lifeless Birth” – due out on April 12th, 2024 via Tankcrimes! Luca discussed the rise of the Bay Area death metal band, working with Tankcrimes label, details about the new album, and the opportunities the success of the band has brought the band! Continue reading

Ozzy Osbourne Casts Doubt On Future Live Performances, But Looks Forward to Making New Music

Photo 185910839 | Ozzy © Fabio Diena |

In a new interview with Rolling Stone promoting his guest appearance on a new single by Billy Morrison, Ozzy Osbourne cast doubt on his ability to perform live ever again. Saying right now “he can’t stand up.” As we have previously reported that his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne has been vocal about trying to plan two farewell shows in his hometown, near Birmingham, England. Ozzy, who has had a busy year already, also talked about his recent nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as plans to make new album with the fact that such a nomination often comes with a live performance.Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 419 – Christian from Necrofier on The Decibel Tour, Hells Heroes, Festival, Danzig, and More


Keefy hung out at Thee Stork Club in Oakland with Christian of Necrofier for an interview. Necrofier is on The Decibel Magazine Tour with Hulder, Worm, and Devil Master! Christian chatted about the tour, Necrofier’s 2023 album Burning Shadows in the Southern Night (Season of Mist), past touring with Danzig, booking Hell Heroes Fest, and much more!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Will Turpin of Collective Soul Discusses Touring, Cover Songs, and Big Plans for 2024


Ghost Cult Keefy caught up Will Turpin of Collective Soul! The band is on tour supporting their recent 2022 album “Vibrating!” Will chatted about the current tour, their history of choosing cover songs, the early roots of the band, Will’s family-owned recording studio, and major releases and other plans for 2024, he is very excited to share!

Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Luke Fabian of Pupil Slicer Talks “Blossom” and The Pressure That Comes with Success

(Note to fans: we had some issues with the video quality on this one, so it is our interview with some visuals only. Sorry.)

Luke Fabian and of rising Death Metal band Pupil Slicer just released their new album Blossom via Prosthetic Records! The band has been making a name for themselves for years in the underground, with Blossom being one of 2023’s most-anticipated albums. Luke chatted about the last few years for the band, if they felt pressure to make this new album following their debut Mirrors, the shocking effect of hearing their name out loud, and the high cost of touring. Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 265 – Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes on “The Death of Darkness” – Goth Rock, and More!


Ghost Cult’s chief Keefy chatted with Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes recently to discuss their new album “The Death of Darkness” out now on Atomic Fire Records. Jyrki is as amazing at interviews as he is ruling the stage. We discussed their entire career, the new album, signing with Atomic Fire Records, touring, discussing the Sick New Work Festival, doing guest appearances on records with friends – such as his recent collab with Blak29 (Steve Zing of Danzig), the age-old question of cassettes versus vinyl, and much more!

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INTERVIEW: Dave Brenner of Theory of a Deadman on “Dinosaur” – Cover Songs, and More


Keefy caught up with Dave Brenner of Theory Of A Deadman! Their new album Dinosaur is out now via Roadrunner Records. We discussed the new album, how the band writes together, choosing a challenging cover song, and much more!

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