INTERVIEW: Collective Soul’s Latest Masterpiece with Will Turpin on “Here to Eternity”

In this episode, returning guest Will Turpin, the talented bassist of Collective Soul, dives into the band’s latest album, “Here to Eternity.” In this in-depth conversation with Keefy, Will shares the creative journey behind the album, revealing the stories and inspirations that shaped its distinctive sound. As well as insights into Collective Soul’s enduring legacy and approach to creating timeless rock music.


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0:00 Intro
1:06 Reflecting on the 30th anniversary of the band
2:27 “Here To Eternity” carries the legacy of the band forward
3:03 How the band knows themselves and working with Ed as the producer
4:17 Touching the entire range of the band with new music. They can’t be pigeon-holed
5:41 Recording at The Palm Springs estate of Elvis Presley and his studio there
10:38 The “Bob Dylan Where Are You Today” song and the live take for it
11:42 What has Will learned from Ed and vice versa
12:59 Making time for another Will solo album
13:57 Will’s bass playing on the new album
15:31 Bassists are the glue of a band
16:00 Will lists his favorite bassists
16:55 Thoughts on the “Dosage” and the re-release for @recordstoreday 2024
18:31 The feeling on the eve of a new album coming out!
19:20 Touring with Hootie and the Blowfish and Edwin McCain
20:09 Woodstock 1994 and 1999 memories
23:30 Outro – Please like and subscribe!


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Editing by Omar Cordy:

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