Super7 Toys to Release a New Danzig, Misfits, and Samhain Reaction Figures

Super7 Toys is wrapping up an epic run of Rock, Metal, Punk, Hip-Hop figure by releasing ReAction Figures of Danzig and Samhain along with vintage Misfits figures too. Pre-orders are live at the link below. In addition to the ReAction figures, Super7 has released a Slayer Live Undead playset as well as figures based on other music, movies, toy lines, and other pop culture icons. Other reaction figures in the line include Ozzy Osbourne, Cliff Burton of Metallica, Johnny Cash, Misfits, Alice Cooper, several versions of Papa Emeritus and Nameless Ghouls, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Agnostic Front, Anthrax, Lemmy of Motörhead, Beastie Boys, Venom, Circle Jerks, Gorilla Biscuits, King Diamond, Megadeth, Rancid, Judas Priest, Napalm Death, The Sex Pistols, Discharge, Alice Cooper, Run DMC, Doctor Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, Paul Baloff of Exodus, Jimi Hendrix, MF Doom, Blondie, Ramones, My Chemical Romance and many more! Order right now since these usually sell out.Continue reading

Acclaimed Rock and Metal Photographer Jeremy Saffer’s Event “Idol Worship: The Detournements Of Jeremy Saffer” Opens Today in Los Angeles 

The images of globally acclaimed rock photographer, Jeremy Saffer take center stage at LA’s Exhibit A Gallery when a very special gallery event, “Idol Worship: The Detournements of Jeremy Saffer” will open today, on April 13th, 2024. This unique show, will showcase Saffer’s iconic photographs in a brand new way as his images serve as the canvas for over 30 of the world’s best multi-media artists. Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 419 – Christian from Necrofier on The Decibel Tour, Hells Heroes, Festival, Danzig, and More


Keefy hung out at Thee Stork Club in Oakland with Christian of Necrofier for an interview. Necrofier is on The Decibel Magazine Tour with Hulder, Worm, and Devil Master! Christian chatted about the tour, Necrofier’s 2023 album Burning Shadows in the Southern Night (Season of Mist), past touring with Danzig, booking Hell Heroes Fest, and much more!Continue reading

Danzig Books a Rare In-Store Book Signing for the 30th Anniversary Release of his Verotik Comic

Glenn Danzig has announced in a post to social media that he will sign copies of his Verotik 30th Anniversary issue on December 29th. The event takes place at Golden Apple comics at 5 PM PST in Los Angeles, California. Glenn will sign any Verotik comics purchased at the event. Danzig released the 30th anniversary Verotik book back in September. He just wrapped the Danzig I 35th anniversary tour in the USA, and sold limited edition and rare comics every night at the merch stand.   Continue reading

Manny Martinez, Original Drummer for The Misfits, Has Died

Manny Martinez, the original drummer for The Misfits, has died. He was 69 years old. No cause of his death has been revealed. News of his death was broken by friends on social media, with confirmation and further remembrances coming from friends and Misfits fan groups. Manny played drums on the iconic debut single/7-inch release of “Cough/Cool” – backed with “She” released on Glenn Danzig’s Blank Records label, and featuring electric piano and no guitars. After the single, Manny was replaced by Glenn. Manny was a Jazz musician, who was a student of legendary drummer Buddy Rich. RIP.

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical 149 – Tom Jordan of 20 Watt Tombstone on “The Chosen Few” and More


Sorry for the video issues. It recorded fine, but alas, we have barely any Nik on camera. 

GMP  takes a chaser between our last series on Cannibal Corpse and our next series on GWAR! Tom Jordan of 20 Watt Tombstone joins the pod to discuss the new album “The Chosen Few” – truly great guitar, Mitch Ostrowski and other famous Mitches we like, a cool story about meeting Joe Bonamassa, and more! 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Final Gasp – Mourning Moon


Let’s be straight up: Final Gasp’s debut Mourning Moon (Relapsev Records) is a great album, but going into this we need to be clear in what we expect from it.  The album cover, and marketing hype around this album makes you think it’s the second coming of Type O Negative. This is not the case. They draw inspiration from one of my favorite eras of punk rock…the mid eighties. This is when bands like T.S.O.L. and Die Kruzen took a darker turn in a more shadowy direction.

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Ghost Cult’s Weekly Ritual LIVE Rock and Metal News Show 7-7-23


Catch up on what you missed this week in the world of Rock and Metal news with our show! #musicnews #rocknews #interviews #newmusicfriday #metalfestivals #tourdates #metalconcerts #vinylcollector #metalmerch 

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INTERVIEW: Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig, Quiet Riot) about Doom Metal Supergroup EYE AM

Ghost Cult Magazine was the first major metal news website to bring you the news of the formation of the new Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM! Featuring members of infamous bands Type O Negative, Crowbar,  Down, Kingdom of Sorrow, and others – the band recently released their debut single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun” via  Corpse Paint Records! We chatted with drumming legend Johnny Kelly about the formation of the group EYE AM, the new music the band is working on, drum kit intel, and his status for upcoming tours with Danzig, Quiet Riot, and the upcoming new album from Silvertomb

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