ALBUM REVIEW: Sentiment Dissolve – The Orwellian Dream

For quite some time now, Toronto has been the undisputed hotbed of Technical Death Metal, and what’s more, the sounds emanating from up in Ontario only seem to get better and better.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Botanist – Paleobotany

Green Metal like Black Metal … hammered dulcimers instead of guitars … gruff, growling vocals as well as clean singing, plus choral voices and symphonic passages. Yes, Botanist are “plant based”. Yes, Paleobotany (Prophecy Productions) is heavy and proggy. And yes, it’s very different, in a good way. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: ZOMBI – Overcalc Live at TV Eye

04.10.24, TV Eye, Queens, NY

What an amazing show, so much so I was talking about it days later covering a fest. It was a simple one on a Wednesday night at TV Eye in Ridgewood Queens, with only two bands but Zombi played for a solid chunk of time that still left me wanting more. Continue reading

Danny Carey Reveals Ancient Tool Band History Secrets, New “Ænima” Vinyl Remaster and More in a New Interview with Rick Beato

In a new interview with popular Rock music YouTuber Rick Beato, Danny Carey of Tool welcomes Rick into the band’s secret Los Angeles rehearsal studio, where much of the band’s music has been formed since 1989-1990. In a wide-ranging chat nearly an hour Danny discussed the formation of the band, how he met Maynard James Keenan and Adam Jones, his work in the music industry before Tool was a band, his influences growing-up as well as in-depth discussions of his drumming techniques, hardware and the key to his tunings, as well as recording secrets of the band, the not yet announced new “Ænima” vinyl remaster, Fear Innoculum and live performance notes. For Tool fans bands, future aspiring drummers and prog musicians, this is a must-watch!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Mike Hambright of Into the Deep on The “Blackfin” Album, and Harnessing The Power of The Sea

Last winter Keefy caught up with Mike Hambright of Raleigh, North Carolina’s oceanic-themed Progressive Music band Into The Deep! They released their new album “Blackfin” to start 2024 and we caught up to go track by track on the album, discuss the album’s themes, and more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Today Was Yesterday – Today Was Yesterday

The expert, intricate and intriguing Today Was Yesterday (Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group) finds the eponymous duo spreading their wings, unboxing various goodies and displaying many talents, in cahoots with guitar greats Alex (Rush) Lifeson, guesting on six of the 10 tracks, and Robby (The Doors) Krieger, on another.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Transit Method – Othervoid

Music that’s right here, right now, with echoes of glories past. A dream of an album that takes off fast, edgy, in a punky rush, sounding like … a punky Rush!

Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 386 – The Steev and Keefy Power Hour Rock and Metal Releases Forecast Show – January 2023

Crappy Old Year? Scrappy New Year! The Steev and Keefy Power Hour is back to kick off our first new Podcast of 2024! Senior Editor Steve Tovey joins Chief Editor Keefy, to discuss the month in Rock and Metal releases. They recap the releases for December 2023, Talk about our Album of the Year review, preview January’s We also re-announced the December Album of the Month from Ghost Cult, and both guys ran down their personal top 20 albums of 2023 to put a lid on all that last year business. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Earthside – Let The Truth Speak

Over the past decade the genre known as “djent” strayed further from paying tribute to Meshuggah into a more slickly produced vein of pop music that just happens to have distorted guitars. Continue reading