The Industrial-meets-Metal meets Electronic, meets any-other-genre-they-fancy trio HEALTH have made a name for themselves in the music world by doing what the name implies, anything they want to.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Jo Quail – Invocation – Supplication


Invocation / Supplication (By Norse Music), the new offering from experimental cellist Jo Quail, is actually a compendium of two connected three-song cycles. The first, Invocation, features the contributions of Heilung vocalist Maria Franz, plus brass instruments, percussion, bass and a choir assembled from crowdsourced mobile phone recordings of individual syllables. Supplication, on the other hand, is a less embellished affair, with just vocals from Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari and Koen Kaptin’s trombone parts to augment Quail’s cello and sound design.

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INTERVIEW: Rebecca Vernon of The Keening (ex Subrosa) Breaks Down Her Debut Album “Little Bird”


Keefy caught up with Rebecca Vernon from The Keening. Her debut album “Little Bird” is out now via Relapse Records , and she shares with us life after SubRosa, writing new music, working through the creative process in a new way, coping with the new DIY artist realities after the last few years, and much more.

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EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PREMIERE: Occult Hand Order – “Silence By The Raging Sea”


France’s Psychedelic Heavy Doom power trio Occult Hand Order will release their new album, Silence By The Raging Sea, tomorrow, October, 20th, 2023. The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to bring you the full album stream! Following two solid EP’s the band is ready to go to the next level on Silence By The Raging Sea. In addition two impressive singles already releases (“Sink” and “Sailors”), the album was recorded and mixed by Roman Peyr in Chasseneuil, France, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna). Stream the new album here: Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Body Void – Atrocity Machine


If the sonic ambush and equilibrium-busting nature of Body Void’s Atrocity Machine (Prosthetic Records) didn’t make it clear enough: the world has been ass-backwards basically since humanity began to human.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gateway – Galgeendod


Distortion and volume alone do not equate to heavy. Heaviness is the feeling these sounds invoke. Sonic alchemy can be oppressive, horrifying, depressing, creepy or somehow unsettling; Gateway finds themselves touching on all of these feelings on their new album Galgeendood (Transcending Obscurity Records). Belgium is not at the top of my list when it comes to places I might expect this kind of subterranean death doom to emerge from, but here we are. This album is the follow-up to Robert Van Oyen’s 2015 debut, under the Gateway moniker.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Wizard Tattoo – Fables of the Damned


Wizard Tattoo are ostensibly a solo outfit from Indianapolis led by multi-instrumentalist Bram the Bard who released a four-track self-titled EP last year which has now been followed up with the Fables of the Damned (Self-Released) full-length debut which I currently have in my possession and am about to review.

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INTERVIEW: Vivian Tylinska of Victory Over the Sun


Coming off the buzzed about ‘Nowherer’, it was interesting to speculate where Portland’s Victory Over the Sun would go next. Vivian Tylinska may have just “a girl who makes noise” on her Bandcamp bio, but that deeply undersells the scope of her enthralling work as a composer, thinker, and multi-instrumentalist.

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