ALBUM REVIEW: Khanate – Clean Hands Go Foul – Capture and Release

Having reemerged from its dank void of horror to release To Be Cruel in 2023, deconstructed-avant-doom entity Khanate continues to be pulled piece-by-piece from the mud, as the band’s third and fourth records — 2005’s Capture & Release and 2009’s Clean Hands Go Foul (Sacred Bones Records) — get shined and buffed for physical reissues. Continue reading

Jarboe’s “Sacrificial Cake” Remasterd Release Arrives on Vinyl

Earlier in 2022 prolific and essential avant-garde artist Jarboe re-issued her classic solo masterwork Sacrificial Cake, remastered and released via The Circle Music. After a slight delay, the norm these days, the gorgeous deluxe vinyl edition, a first for this album, has arrived. Released in a glorious gatefold with a tip on sleeve on double lavender discs, the color theme is an homage to the signature track “Lavender Girl” Limited to 500 copies, this vinyl should make the ultimate compliment to one of Jarboe’s lasting gifts to the music world. Continue reading

Melvins Covers Album – “A Future of Bad Men: a Melvins Tribute” is Out Now

Purveyors of great underground Metal bands, Black Donut Records, has released A Future of Bad Men: a Melvins Tribute, to one of America’s greatest Sludge and Doom bands, Melvins. With a 250 copy, limited edition release, the album features stalwart bands of the stoner/doom/psychedelic scene such as Night Goat, Grizzlor, Doctor Monster, Olde, Trigger Cut, Frack, Bovine Nightmare, Work Party, and Bondbreakr. Stream the release at Bandcamp and pre-order the vinyl at the link below. Continue reading