EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Turkey Vulture – “She’s Married (But Not to Me)”

Rock duo Turkey Vulture will release their new EP, their third, Twist The Knife on January 14th 2022. The group has a series of releases over the years showcasing a deft ability to meld Punk, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock, Americana, and other genres, and smart, political lyrics that take no prisoners. Ghost Cult is proud to share their new music video for “She’s Married (But Not to Me)”, directed by Darin Guerrasio, and filmed at The Eagles Club in Stamford, CT. Continue reading

GHOST CULT PRESENTS: The Crushing Underground Compilation Vol. 2

Ghost Cult is proud to announce our second charity compilation in as many years: The Crushing Underground Compilation Vol. 2. We have brought together 15 great bands from the stoner, doom, psychedelic scene and beyond for your listening enjoyment! Check out epic songs from Coma Hole, REDBEARDWALL, PrayerLine, Book of Wyrms, Black Sire, Thems That Wait, The Long Hunt, Black Tar Superstar, Fortune Teller, Turkey Vulture, Gnomad, Cavern Deep, Dhawa, Fuzznaut, and Storm Toker! The entire comp goes live this Friday, November 5th for Bandcamp Friday! Stream the first single – Book of Wyrms’ “Colossal Yield!” right now!

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Learn How to Promote Your Band with The 13 Day Music PR Challenge

Time for another Music Marketing Challenge, sponsored by Ghost Cult Magazine! The 13 Day PR Challenge is led by music industry experts such as Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR, Dumb and Dumbest Podcast ), Keefy Chachkes (chief editor of Ghost Cult Magazine, social media expert, BDWE Media Marketing & PR), musical artist and motivational speaker Gaia Guarda, Monica Strut (music marketing guru and vocalist of The Last Martyr), Cori Westbrook (band manager/ journalist at Metal Injection), Keith Morash (Infecting Cells PR), and journalist and musical artist (Turkey Vulture and Owl Maker) Jessie May of Alternative Control, they will cover all the bases so you can learn to promote your new album or single!

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BOOK REVIEW: Jessie May – Money Hacks for Metalheads and Old Millennials

One of the few regrets of my life so far is I never really learned how to handle and invest money. While I squarely blame myself for my misspent youth and years when I made higher salaries and still failed to save, I have to wonder why they don’t teach personal finance in High School, as opposed to say, calculus most of us will never use after that semester is over. Even in my long-run at undergrad and graduate school to earn multiple degrees, no one explained to me how much my student loans would dwarf my expenses and even salary in some years. All the while during this time, I played in middling successful bands with a regional following or ran a series of heavy metal websites for the last 15 years. Do we abandon all hope, ye who goes to the ATM to see a negative balance? Or is there a hero coming out of the dark to demystify the seemingly impossible Mount Doom-style odds against working-class musicians?

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EP REVIEW: Turkey Vulture – Time To Pay

Time To Pay (Self-Released) is the new EP from Connecticut’s Turkey Vulture, a duo consisting of Jessie May (guitar, vocals, bass, cello) and Jim Clegg (drums, artwork). The EP is a force of incredible energy that nods to a deceptively diverse set of influences. This is punk; this is doom metal; this is stoner rock. Above all, it emanates a refreshingly raw and gloriously unpolished power.Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: July 31st New Music Releases

Purchase And Stream All The New Music Released Today!

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Turkey Vulture – “Old Nick”

Vicious music chameleons Turkey Vulture are back with a new single, from their upcoming second EP, Time To Pay, due out on July 31st. Up until now, the duo from Connecticut has shown shades of Stoner Doom, old-school Punk, local Sea shanty’s, Heavy Metal, and on occasion, Americana with inventive originals and inspired covers. In a new track derived from by the infamous “Crossroads” story of Bluesman Robert Johnson and the Devil, “Old Nick” is a revved-up, proto-metal blues track with a great shuffle beat! Check out the track now!

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Dumb and Dumbest Episode #348: Jessie Of Alternative Control Returns!

Time Management is one of those things that one tends to overlook but can be a huge workflow suck if you are not mindful of it. Jessie May (Alternative Control blog, Owlmaker, Turkey Vulture) joins Keefy and Curtis to discuss her take on getting organized and getting stuff done! Check out Dumb and Dumbest Episode #348: Jessie Of Alternative Control Returns! Dumb and Dumbest is hosted by Matt Bacon (Dropout Media, Ripple Music, Prophecy Productions), Publicist Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR) and Keith Chachkes (Ghost Cult/BDWE Media). In addition to the podcast, Matt, Curtis, and Keith all host The Music Marketing Challenges: low-cost, super high-value private training to bands and artists. And we just launched a Get hands-on practical experience to market your band like a pro today! DM Matt or Curtis at the links below for detailsContinue reading

Turkey Vulture – Boxer

I am from the big, big city (New York) and have never really been a small town type of guy. Sure, I lived in a podunk in New Hampshire for a year which was pretty isolated and anxiety-inducing in its own way. That being said I have no earthly idea what a Turkey Vulture is. Maybe it’s like the psychotic and scary Fisher Cat I heard so much about and never saw up North. Well I looked it up, they kind of look like the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal, is protected by federal law, (thanks Wikipedia) and found out it is a very real, mean ass bird, that is a scavenger (not a shock), but also feeds on the dead. So we are talking one serious bird. Turkey Vulture the band, is also very serious.Continue reading