Militarie Gun Books Their First-Ever Headline Tour of Australia

Los Angeles-based punk band Militarie Gun are hitting the road this June & July playing their first-ever headline shows in Australia. Their Winter 2024 tour to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Barwon Heads, Newcastle and Sydney. If this news wasn’t exciting enough, the band announces their headline tour with a double support line-up at each show. Special guests Blindgirls and Shock Value will join the tour at the Gold Coast and Brisbane shows, Geld and Human Noise are set to join in Melbourne and Barwon Heads, and dust and Antenna will provide support in Newcastle and Sydney. Tickets are on sale now at the links below. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Alien Ant Farm – mAntras

A lot can happen in a decade, from breakups and personal growth to illness and death, or even a global pandemic. So when a band releases their first album in ten years, you know it’s going to be one full of substance and genuineness. California alternative rock band Alien Ant Farm accomplishes just that with their sixth full-length album, mAntras (Megaforce Records). The record reintroduces the quartet through eleven tracks that detail everything they have been up to since their last record Always And Forever in 2014. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Grumpster – Grumpster

Contrary to popular belief, Pop Punk and Emo are far from dead and buried. There are tons of true-school cool pocket scenes all over with great bands and fans supporting the hell out of them. One of best bands that have come from the underground recently to earn props is Grumpster from Oakland. Always a legendary place for Punk (thank you East Bay scene, 924 Gilman Street), but has had more than a few killer bands of late too. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Dead Pony – Ignore This

Social media might be to blame for the increasing enmeshment of Pop music into the Rock genre. Pop artists are more marketable and interchangeable with social media influencers. What record label would not want an artist with the iconic charisma of Taylor Swift? Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Blanket – Ceremonia

A genre-striding quartet from Blackpool, Blanket are back with their latest album, Ceremonia (Church Road Records). It is their third record and sees them continue their emotive brand of Post-Rock and Shoegaze, with the metal influences from their previous album Modern Escapism replaced with nineties Alternative Rock. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Transit Method – Othervoid

Music that’s right here, right now, with echoes of glories past. A dream of an album that takes off fast, edgy, in a punky rush, sounding like … a punky Rush!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Slope – Freak Dreams

You would not expect a band from Germany to have become as stricken by a plague that makes their booty move as Slope has on their new album “Freak Dreams” (Century Media Records). The slapped bass and in-your-face energy might make more sense if it were being delivered by skater punks from Southern California in the summer of 1989. Slope wastes no time laying out their own uplifting mofo party plan. This unique approach sounds like it could catch on much, in the same manner, Turnstile proved audiences are ready for more grooves and tired of the same old same old. “It’s Tickin” proves that the band is not just living off of the nostalgia for 90s funk rock, though it does have doses of that as well. Continue reading

Spanish Love Songs Add a Second Intimate Show Playing “Brave Faces Everyone” in Full

Spanish Love Songs, a band that has been at the forefront of the emotive punk scene and alternative scene has announced a second intimate show on 8th July, playing their album Brave Faces Everyone in its entirety. Coming off a raucous sellout at Electric Ballroom London, the band announced this special event and which sold out before the night’s end, and have now added another due to demand. The band will also perform at 2000Trees Festival. The band’s acclaimed album No Joy, on the list of Ghost Cult Albums of the Year 2023, is out now!Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Albums of the Year 2023 – Part 3 (20-2)

Thermal count is rising in perpetual writhing, the primordial ooze of albums continues, and the sanity they lose choosing their favorites of the year. Awakened in the morning, to more ear-pollution warnings…

Now I can only laugh, as I read our epitaph – we end 2023 with cheer, in the light of our Albums of the Year.

May you all rust in peace…Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Full of Hell and Nothing (split) – When No Birds Sing



On paper, this makes perfect sense. A collaborative effort between Full of Hell and Nothing stand as two of the most creative outliers in their respective genres, and the mission statement of When No Birds Sing (Closed Casket Activities) is to fuse the juxtaposition of their varied sonic palettes. Brace yourself, as Full of Hell is the overpowering force when the album opens.

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