Agriculture Drop “Living is Easy” Video with New EP Incoming

Black metallers, Agriculture, have just announced the release of their new Living is Easy EP via The Flenser. This news also comes with a music video for the record’s title track. The new EP will be paired with the band’s debut release, The Circle Chant, with both EPs pressed together on a single 12-inch vinyl and cassette format. The double release is due out May 03rd. Head into the article below.Continue reading

GIFT GUIDE: Black Friday and Holiday Gifts for Rockers and Metalheads 2023


We are back for another year of our list of what to get the music lover that already has everything? Find out with our handy 2023 Black Friday and Holiday Gift guide For Rockers and Metalheads. Check out all the links below to support bands, labels, festivals, record stores, and other small and local businesses this year for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. And don’t forget to donate to some worthwhile charities on Giving Tuesday!

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CONCERT REVIEW: Baroness – Primitive Man – Midwife – Agriculture Live at The UC Theatre

On a beautiful autumn night we headed out to see one of my favorite bands in one of my favorite Bay Area venues. To readers of this website, no one will be shocked that Baroness is one of my all-time top bands and I hold all their albums in high regard. We recently did a deep dive discography over at the Glacially Musical Pouredcast. I even own an exclusive John Dyer Baizley-made print from the Yellow and Green album era (Relapse Records) that holds a special place in my heart. Needless to say, the 2023 release of the album Stone (Abraxan Hymns) has not left my rotation. Not only was I getting to see one of the best bands to ever do it live, three other killer bands were joining them tonight in Primitive Man, Midwife and Agriculture. The approach of the headline band to have different sets of rotating openers should be a more common practice when possible.

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GIFT GUIDE: 2021 Black Friday and Holiday Gift Guide For Rockers and Metalheads

What to get the music fan that has everything? Find out with our handy 2021 Black Friday and Holiday Gift guide For Rockers and Metalheads. Check out all the links below to support bands, labels, festivals, record stores, and other small businesses this year.

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Listen to Drowse Cover “Wait And Bleed” by Slipknot

Drowse have put a decidedly electronic spin on the titanic first Slipknot hit song from their 1999 selt-titled debut album, “Wait And Bleed.” The song appears on the forthcoming nu metal comp from The Flenser, Send the Pain Below, attribute to NuMetal and 1990s nostalgia. The comp is only available to on vinyl to subscribers of their Series Three membership club. Previously released covers include tracks by Vile Creature, Chat Pile, and Wreck & Reference. Check it out now!

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Listen to Wreck and Reference Cover Deftones’ – “Change (In the House of Flies)”

Industrial Post-Metal Duo Wreck and Reference has released a new post-Shoegaze cover of Deftones’ hit song, “Change (In the House of Flies).” The track comes off of the upcoming exclusive vinyl compilation from The Flenser, Send The Pain Below, which is a gang of Nu-Metal and 1990s metal covers by cool bands. The comp is only available on vinyl to subscribers of their Series Three membership club, and you sign up for a membership below, or buy the track from W & R!

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GUEST POST: Kyle Bates of Drowse – Top Albums of the Year 2020


Ghost Cult continues our “End of Year Guest Post Extravaganza” with a slew of posts from bands, industry, PR pros, and more! We’ll be sharing lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. In this edition, Kyle Bates a.k.a. Drowse shares his Top Albums List for 2020 with our readers. Drowse dropped a new album in 2019, Light Mirror, out now from The Flenser label.

Planning For Burial Shares Rare Track – “When Summer Turns to Fall”

Venerable underground label The Flenser has shared a surprise new track from Planning For Burial – “When Summer Turns to Fall” today via Bandcamp. The song was only available as a Flexi disc release as a free add-in from the label with orders. Now you can stream the song! Stream the track right now!

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Botanist Shares New Single “Oxygen”, New Album Out This Week

Avant-garde Metal troupe Botanist has shared a new single, “Oxygen” from their upcoming album Photosynthesis, due out later this week, October 30th, via the esteemable label, The Flenser. The new album is a concept album about how plants convert sunlight into energy and how plants have a worldwide, symbiotic relationship.

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Sprain Signs With The Flenser Label, Debut Album Coming in 2020

The Flenser label, home to incredible artists such as Street Sects, Have A Nice Life, Drowse, Elizabeth Colour Wheel and more have signed Los Angeles-based band Sprain. The band has released a debut EP in 2018 and are currently planning their full-length debut album for 2020. The group has a show this week in Los Angeles with the like-minded genius-enigmas in Nothing. In addition to exciting releases planned for 2020, The Flenser host a label showcase at Roadburn 2020!Continue reading