ALBUM REVIEW: Iron Monkey – Spleen and Goad

Iron Monkey were one of the OGs from the UK underground Sludge Metal scene back in the mid-late nineties and had a run that included the reissue of their self-titled debut album (1997), and their follow-up Our Problem (1998) – on the mighty Earache Records. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Coffins – Sinister Oath

Sinister Oath (Relapse Relapse), the sixth full-length from Tokyo-based Coffins, is a measuring stick for the Death/Doom scene, providing an undeniable starting point for anyone looking to dip their toes into the genre, performers and fans alike. Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Wolves In The Throne Room – Crypt Of Ancestral Knowledge


A mere two years removed from the fifty-minute colossus that is Primordial Arcana, Wolves In The Throne Room have undertaken a full 180 with Crypt Of Ancestral Knowledge (Relapse Records). The four-track extended play is spearheaded by “Beholden To Clan”, and is supplemented by three instrumental-dominant tracks.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg For Death


The story of Dying Fetus is one for the storybooks, indeed. Formed in 1991 (and spawning Misery Index in the process), guitarist/vocalist John Gallagher chose the name in jest with the sole purpose of raising ire and eyebrows.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Outer Heaven – Infinite Psychic Depths


Powered by an insatiable appetite for thoughtful tempos and laborious aggression, Outer Heaven exhausts everything they have with Infinite Psychic Depths (Relapse Records), eleven songs rife with bombastic energy and acidic vocals.

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ALBUM REVIEW: End Reign – The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay


It would be redundant to label End Reign an angry band. Metal tends to breed a dime a dozen of those. And metallic hardcore isn’t a previously untapped subgenre. Besides, the two have probably worked in tandem long before we subdivided every possible combination for the sake of clarity.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Genocide Pact – Genocide Pact

The guitars are mud caked in a morass of molasses. The vocal performance is, dare I say, a clinic on how to spew the wretched filth that is old school Death Metal. The omnipresent drums never interfere but simply carve out the route for the rest to follow. Stir all that up in a cauldron with a hint of disgust and a touch of revulsion and the end result is Genocide Pact’s newest self-titled album (Relapse Records), and with it, eight tracks of nineties-era muck and grime.

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Druids – Monument

When Iowan trio Druids‘ EP Spirit Compass (Self-release) hit my ears sixteen months ago, I was staggered by the apparent ease with which the bandmelded the darkness of Sabbath and the violence of Mastodon with the joyous, Summery Grunge of Blind Melon. It made for a heady mix and new offering Monument (The Company) promises the same excitement amid a paradoxically heavy flexibility.Continue reading

Inter Arma – Sulphur English

Despite third album Paradise Gallows (Relapse Records) establishing Virginian quintet Inter Arma as one of the World’s premier exponents of Harsh Progressive Metal, it’s nevertheless arguable as to whether or not the band remains in the shadow of 2014’s staggering opus The Cavern (Relapse Records). Fourth full-length Sulphur English (also Relapse), surely their most brutal yet, will lay such doubts to rest.Continue reading

Watch Myrkur Perform “Lullaby Of Woe” From The Witcher 3 Game

Kicking off a new concert tour in support of her brand new EP Juniper, Myrkur continues to surprise and enthrall with her choice of covers. After a fan messaged her to say how one of her interpretations of a classic Danish folk song sounded like the soundtrack to the game The Witcher 3, Myrkur decided to learn and cover the song ‘Lullaby Of Woe’ a date last week in The Netherlands. Check out the fan-filmed video below and Myrkur’s own take on the song. Continue reading