ALBUM REVIEW: Daath – The Deceivers

After 13 years, Dååth has returned with their new album, The Deceivers (Metal Blade records).

The band, helmed by sole founding member Eyal Levi, returns to a different musical landscape. Metal has perhaps the most loyal fan base of any genre of music, yet the climate is much different than when the band released their self-titled album in 2010. Death Metal is now more regularly integrated with Black Metal and Metalcore. Record companies often market Pop acts as Metal, depending on the thought police of the internet to defend them with cries of gatekeeping, when voices rise against this.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Midnight – Hellish Expectations

The ever-belligerent Cleveland-based one-man unit Midnight returns with a prolific sixth full-length entitled Hellish Expectations, out via Metal Blade Records. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Gost – Prophecy

The term “heavy” is most often associated with Metal. But Metal is not the only genre of music capable of invoking heaviness. Of all the other genres capable of tapping into heaviness, synthwave is not going to be first on the list. Continue reading

Amon Amarth Shares a Music Video for “Saxons and Vikings” ft. Biff Byford of Saxon

Amon Amarth just shared a new music video for their song “Saxons and Vikings”, ft. Biff Byford of Heavy Metal legends Saxon. the track comes from their last full length album The Great Heathen Army, out now on Metal Blade Records. The band also recently featured a new digital single for “Heidrun” also from the same album. Watch the video here!

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical 155: GWAR – “Ragnarok” Reviewed and the First Five GWAR Albums Ranked

Glacially Musical reviews the fifth album from GWAR – “Raknarok!” Possibly the most metal of all the early GWAR albums! This is our final GWAR album of this run! Our next series is announced in the podcast!

Is this the best GWAR album? Drop a comment!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Mercyful Fate – Melissa (Remastered)


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mercyful Fate’s debut album, Metal Blade Records is re-releasing the re-mastered version of Melissa. Remastered albums often feel like a record label trying to sell you the same album twice. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Sorcerer – Reign Of The Reaper


Nearly ten years into their career return, Swedish metallers Sorcerer have proven to be a somewhat underappreciated but certainly formidable presence. Perhaps it is down to their sound which sits on the boundaries of traditional and Doom Metal which has hardly been flavour of the month in recent years. It is a timeless and reliable sound however which has seen them with some strong and sturdy releases since their 2015 return. Therefore, things were hardly likely to dramatically shift with a new album; but if Reign Of The Reaper (Metal Blade Records) does anything, it further cements their status.

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical 153: GWAR – “America Must Be Destroyed” Reviewed and Offending The Defenseless


Glacially Musical reviews the third album from GWAR, the charmingly named America Must Be Destroyed! We review this time in the band, analyze each song, address their collective lyrical genius, and chat about the epic (and Grammy-nominated long-form VHS tape/movie Phallus In Wonderland!

Is this the best GWAR album? Drop a comment!

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