INTERVIEW: Gost (James Lollar) Discusses His “Prophecy” Album, Performing Live, and Touring

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with James Lollar, aka Synthwave/Metal master Gost! His new album “Prophecy” is soon out on Metal Blade Records and we discussed his career, the differences between his recordings and live performances, touring, the music business, and more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Gost – Prophecy

The term “heavy” is most often associated with Metal. But Metal is not the only genre of music capable of invoking heaviness. Of all the other genres capable of tapping into heaviness, synthwave is not going to be first on the list. Continue reading

ALBUMS OF THE YEAR: STAFF PICKS – Steve Tovey’s Top Albums of 2023

As we barrel down towards the end of the year, we are sharing End of Year lists from staff, bands, and some friends in the business. Check out our Senior Editor Steve Tovey’s picks for his Top Albums of 2023!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Dominum – Hey Living People

Right from the moment a certain band from Birmingham adopted the title of a 1963 Boris Karloff movie as their name, metal has gone hand in hand with horror.Continue reading


The Industrial-meets-Metal meets Electronic, meets any-other-genre-they-fancy trio HEALTH have made a name for themselves in the music world by doing what the name implies, anything they want to.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Perturbator – Carpenter Brut – Ho99o9 Live at 013 Poppodium

On a cold Sunday evening, I had the pleasure to cover the final show of the “Leather Sacraments” tour by Perturbator and Carpenter Brut for Ghost cult magazine. Supporting them tonight is LA Hip-Hop outfit Ho99o9 (said: Horror). It promises to be an excellent night of dancing to retro synthwave of various forms. The 013 main hall is filling up quite well by the time I arrive. It seems the balcony is staying closed today, which allows for a more intimate feel for the entire show, even though it did not sell out.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Cuffed Shares a new single and Video for “Visitors”


Dark Synth-Pop artist Cuffed has teamed up with Ghost Cult to share a new single and music video today, “Visitors!” The track will stream tomorrow on all DSPs. Cuffed comes from the visionary mind of Los Angeles artist Tyler “Fournames” Fortney –channeling all the synthwave, Goth, and 1980s electronica goodness evoking smokey clubs, flashing lights, and all night parties! Watch the clip now!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Crosses – Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete


Chino Moreno has never been shy at exploring his mellower side away from Deftones, and over the years has dipped into the Post-Rock, Shoegaze and Trip-Hop genres providing us with some highly refined music by way of projects such as Team Sleep and Palms, his collaboration with three former members of Post-Metal kings Isis. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Fearing – Destroyer


Do you like to dress in black? Do you prefer a solitary pint of cider in the back of a smoky bar? (the smoky part might be hard to fashion in this day and age) Do you favour wearing a trenchcoat? Do you feel in a state of perpetual ennui? Maybe you are a Berliner! Or perhaps you’re a member of a Darkwave band… maybe both!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gunship – Unicorn


What is it about our aching nostalgia for the eighties that finds us being drawn back to this magical decade? Perhaps video did not actually kill the radio star until the end of this era?

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