Slaughter To Prevail Shares a New Single and Video “Confict”

Russian deathcore destroyers, Slaughter To Prevail have dropped their latest display of unbridled, unapologetic and unrelenting brutality in the shape of thrash-tinged new single, “Conflict” today. Out now on Sumerian Records, the track can be streamed below at all DSPs and the official music video can be viewed below.Continue reading

REVIEWS ROUND-UP: ft – Haystack – Rough Justice – Crawling Through Tartarus – Dwarrowdelf

When Entombed followed Uffe Cederlund’s vision and produced the divisive Same Difference in 1998, the direction and sound that incorporated a hefty dose of Unsane and Cederlund’s other project, Haystack, was quickly parked following an overwhelmingly negative response -it’s genuinely not a bad record at all, with hindsight – Senior Ed], and the Stockholm massive returned to their HM-2 Death n’ Roll stylings.

Haystack, too, fell by the wayside for over two decades, too. The resurrection continues, though, with second album since their return, and fourth overall, Doomsday Goes Away (The Dogma Repertory Institute/Threeman Recordings).

Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Infected Rain – Time

Breaking away from the pack of Modern Metal bands, Infected Rain is fulfilling their promise as one of the the best underground buzz bands of the new millennium. Their new album Time (Napalm Records) goes super hard, but more importantly, showcases their maturity as writers, riff dealers, and how to make every song stand on its own. It’s rare to get to see a label trust a band to follow their muse and really grow and change from album to album. Continue reading

All Shall Perish Reveal More Details About Their Reunion

All Shall Perish has revealed more details about their upcoming reunion this spring. In addition to the Big Texas Metal Fest in May, the band will also perform at the just announced Inkcarceration Festival 2024 in Ohio this July. The current lineup of the band includes vocalist Eddie Hermida, guitarists Christ Storey and Ben Orum, and drummer Matthew Kuykendall. So far the band has not commented on who will be on bass guitar. This will be their first shows in over 11 years. Read a comment from the band below. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – No Name Graves

Delving into No Name Graves (Unique Leader), a constant quickly becomes evident.

The majority of the songs on the latest effort from Deathcore outfit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life feels introductory. Which is to say the tracks routinely edge listeners by delivering about seventy percent but never really breaks the surface.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Hiraes – Dormant

The title of Hiraes’ new album, Dormant (Napalm Records), caught me a bit off guard.

The word “dormant” conjures images of calm, rest, inactivity. Yet, I’ve seen them play and listened to their first album numerous times, and nothing led me to believe that the band would be entering such a period or engaging in such a manner. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Enterprise Earth – Death: An Anthology

The sign of a confident album is when the guest appearances bolster rather than salvage the work put in by the primary artists. Thus, Enterprise Earth’s Death: An Anthology (MNRK Heavy) is a certified scorcher in which the 11 featured tracks stand tall, both independently and as an aggregation of technically aligned Deathcore.

The wealth of intricacies and variety is but the starting point for this behemoth. So let’s get into it.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Locked In A Vacancy On Their New EP, New York Hardcore and Metal History, and More!

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with most of the guys in Locked In A Vacancy! They released their recent EP “Before The Dawn” in December, 2023. They were a key band in the New York Hardcore, Metal, and Death Metal scene in the late nineties and early 2000s, and have opened for the likes of Hatebreed, Biohazard, Candiria, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, The Haunted, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, and many others. We chatted with the band about their comeback, signing with Fuzz Therapy Records, a chat about the Metalcore and Deathcore genres (starting with Bronx Deathcore), keeping the fun in Metal, and much more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Cariosus – Will, Until Beauty

Labeled as a Melodic Death Metal band, Cariosus instead is better defined as a melting pot of exquisite musical elements. Though that descriptor may not sound as flashy or attention grabbing, bear with me (it’s worth it). Will, Until Beauty (Self-Released), the duo’s first full-length, meshes deathcore, metalcore, tech-death and even some progressive techniques while boasting eight thunderous – thunderous – tracks.Continue reading

Cattle Decapitation and Carnifex Book the 2024 Chaos and Carnage Tour with Rivers of Nihil, Humanity’s Last Breath, The Zenith Passage, Vitriol, and Face Yourself

Catton Park, United kingdom, 14 Aug 2022, Cattle Decapitation performing on the Ronnie James Dio Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival Credit: Rich Price/Ghost Cult Magazine

The Chaos & Carnage tour 2024 has been announced featuring
Cattle Decapitation and Carnifex with special guests Rivers of Nihil, Humanity’s Last Breath, The Zenith Passage, Vitriol and Face Yourself! Tickets go on sale Friday January 12th at 10 AM local time!Continue reading