Vomit The Soul Share a Single and Video for “Annihilate The Infernal Army” and Announce New Album

Italian death metal vanguards, Vomit The Soul, have just announced their new album, Massive Incineration, slated for release on June 07th, via Unique Leader Records. The band have introduced the upcoming record with its lead single and video, “Annihilate The Infernal Army.” Head Into the article below to watch it and find out more.
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Extortionist Share Their New Single “Dissociate” – Album Coming Soon

Heavy metal mainstays, Extortionist, have just dropped their latest single, “Dissociate.” The new track can be found on the band’s forthcoming full-length album Devoid of Love & Light out on Friday, May 18, via Unique Leader Records. Check it out in the article below.
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Extortionist Drop Single and Video for “Devoid of Love & Light” and Announce New Album

Extortionist have announced that they will release their new album, Devoid of Love & Light, on Friday, May 17th, via Unique Leader Records. They band have also shared the title track as a single and video. It follows their Devoid EP (the precursor to the forthcoming full-length) which included the tracks “Out of Touch”, “A Grim Disconnect” and most recently released, “Drained of Life”. Extortionist will also be hitting the stage across North America from April, alongside Born of Osiris, Attila, Traitors, and Not Enough Space on The Angels & Villains Tour 2024. Keep reading below for the new video, live listings, and more.
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ALBUM REVIEW: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – No Name Graves

Delving into No Name Graves (Unique Leader), a constant quickly becomes evident.

The majority of the songs on the latest effort from Deathcore outfit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life feels introductory. Which is to say the tracks routinely edge listeners by delivering about seventy percent but never really breaks the surface.Continue reading

Atoll Drop “Berdella of Blood” Single and Video to Announce New Album

Extreme metal quintet, Atoll, have just announced their upcoming album Inhuman Implants will be released on February 23, via Unique Leader Records. In celebration of the announcement, the band have also unleashed their lead single and accompanying music video, “Berdella of Blood.” Check it out below and read more from the band.

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The Last Ten Seconds Of Life Share “Of All Humanity, the Sum” Single and Video, with New Album Coming Soon

Mansfield, PA deathcore outfit, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life have just announced their upcoming new album No Name Graves, due for release on February 09th via Unique Leader Records. Along with this news, they have also shared their first track from the full-length, “Of All Humanity, the Sum” and its official music video. Check it out below, and find out more.

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EP REVIEW: Worm Shepherd – The Sleeping Sun


While many may consider Deathcore to be a stagnant movement, the bands that espouse its styles continues to evolve as more artists come together to push boundaries. Brockton, Massachusetts natives, Worm Shepherd, have dropped their first EP (following two full lengths), The Sleeping Sun (Unique Leader Records), and the mixture of deathcore, symphonic death metal, and sprinkles of black metal themes ended up growing on you.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Humanity’s Last Breath – Ashen


It’s inevitable: the world will one day cease to exist, and mankind will be relegated to the pages of history like everything that’s come and gone beforehand. How or when that happens is anyone’s guess. But Humanity’s Last Breath gives us quite a glimpse of what the apocalypse might sound like.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Crown Magnetar – Everything Bleeds


Crown Magnetar does deathcore the right way.


Forgoing the oft-used technique of blubbering legitimately incoherent nonsense, the titans of the industry insert vulgar, spiteful lyrics all over Everything Bleeds (Unique Leader Records). The record comes fresh off the heels of 2022’s EP, Alone In Death, signaling a need for the Coloradans to constantly wreak havoc.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Viscera – Carcinogenesis

Only a few years ago, Viscera set the UK Deathcore scene ablaze with their debut album Obsidian, now with a few years under their belt (albeit partially being in the pandemic) and fresh straight off their big European tour with big-hitters Despised Icon and Decapitated, the deathcore group are back with their latest helping of heavy anthems with Carcinogenesis (Unique Leader). Will they be able to maintain this momentum brought on by their debut, or will they succumb to the looming threat of the sophomore slump?


Taking a leaf out of the Lorna Shore handbook, a harmonious orchestra floods your ears before putting the aforementioned question straight into the nearest bin as if it was ridiculous to even begin to suggest in the first place. Chugging rolling guitars and blast beats take the centre stage shortly before Jamie Graham’s beastly voice bellows out the album title and hollers out the first of many screams to come. This brutality can ultimately only be summarised in one word: heavy.



It is evident that the deathcore band are set out from the get-go to show they’ve not softened in sound at all. It’s not all the same as before either, interjecting some less screaming vocals, Graham’s almost spoken word for the gaps in mayhem, give almost an element of Sheffield heroes, Malevolence. This doesn’t for one moment lower the tone or scale back the furiosity of the sound. On the contrary, the break in dynamics make the heavier sections seem much heavier in contrast, and these pauses help to build momentum back up, culminating in a song that will devastate the live circuit.


While in Obsidian, the band put on a fine display of technical deathcore prowess, in Carcinogenesis, on the other hand, the quintet put forward a range of other influences from the death metal spectrum into the album’s mixture. ‘Layers of Skin’ demonstrates this perfectly, seamlessly flitting between the chugging core sound of the subgenre, sounding almost like it’s punching into your head, into more technical finger tapping feats, in line with more melodic death metal. These two sounds subtly merge together you’d have thought they were entwined the entire song.


Once again, Viscera take it up a notch with the sixth track of the release, ‘Sungazer’. Synthy introductions greet the listener for the first time, shortly being joined by a tech metal sound straight out of the Veil of Maya catalog as the band then push the throttle on and launch into a ferocious heavy sound. Part of Graham’s highlight in his previous bands, especially in Heart of a Coward was his rich, clean vocals. ‘Sungazer’ allows Graham to display his full range in the chorus, throwing all of himself into it.


Bringing back the orchestral melodies interpolated into the heavy deathcore sounds, the band don’t leave the album without another face melter in the guise of ‘On Earth As It Is In Hell’. Spoken word passages are interspersed throughout the song, bringing forward a similar mood to the likes of ‘Daylight Dies’ by metalcore stalwarts Killswitch Engage. This combined with the Hellish brutality of their previous song produces the perfect album to close on.


Not only have Viscera managed to maintain the quality of Obsidian, but in by bringing on the different influences of either side of their subgenre, the band have managed to create a body of music that goes beyond what their first album managed too. It definitely seems, as much of cliche as it is to say, the skies are the limit for this deathcore quintet.


Viscera should definitely be at the top of your list to look out for in the UK Deathcore scene. It definitely feels like there’s still a lot more to come from this band in the future.


But the album here:




8 / 10