INTERVIEW: Anadivine Revisit Their “Zoo” Album 20 Years Later and Their New Reissue

Anadivine from Kingston, NY have been gaining cult status over the years as one of the finest melodic prog-tinged emo punk bands of the early 00s. As someone who grew up friends with the band and who also helped shape the Hudson Valley alternative scene myself, I still objectively think some of Anadivine’s sophisticated melody-laced songs like “Capitol Arrangement”, “Dangerous Mixed With” or “Filling The Lungs (Of This Dead Machine)” remain some of the best rock to emerge from the region. “The Timid Gentleman” still proves Anadivine had some of the best hooks around. Twenty summers have passed since the band released their full-length effort Zoo, a time when Coheed & Cambria, Three, my old Nu/Post-hardcore band Divest, Anadivine, Shai Hulud, and more were all playing to growing crowds and gaining steam in the region.

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EXCLUSIVE SINGLE PREMIERE: Braille Eyes Shares Their Cover of Duran Duran’s Classic “Ordinary World”

Braille Eyes, the project between friends and veteran musicians Bob Bradley (Fake Figures, Cassetta, Scars of Tomorrow), Matthew Blair (Perish, Kansas City Gunfight), Keith Woodhall and Geoff Harman (Fake Figures, Perish, Scars of Tomorrow) have shared their cover of Duran Duran’s iconic 1990’s hit “Ordinary World”. The track is available today on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Watch the video here at Ghost Cult! Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Rarity – Lower Feeling

While many modern Post-Hardcore bands have been testing the limits of the genre, there is a certain charm to the ones who are still keeping things raw and clear-cut. Canadian quartet Rarity continues to do just that with their third album Lower Feeling (New Damage Records/Dine Alone Records), combining Hardcore rage with Pop Punk catchiness.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Bad Omens – Concrete Jungle [The OST]

It feels unbelievable that it has now been over two years since Bad Omens took the alternative scene by storm with their last album The Death Of Peace Of Mind. Now having played massive shows both on their own, and alongside influences Bring Me The Horizon, the band have decided to revisit the album that took their career to the next level with the accompaniment album Concrete Jungle [The OST] (Sumerian Records).Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon – POST HUMAN: Nex Gen

There are currently several bands paving the way to the future of Rock and Metal—but British band Bring Me The Horizon is something more. They are the past, present, and future of Rock and Metal all in one.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Death Lens – Cold World

The latest band to come out of Epitaph Records’ fine collection of artists is Death Lens. With humble beginnings of being essentially a “party punk” band to today, Death Lens have truly evolved into a whole new beast, bringing politics to the forefront of their music, with all that they’ve experienced since beginning the band in the early 2010’s. Cold World is set to be the culmination of that process. “It’s the desire to thrive in a deteriorating world” stated the band. With the genre being as saturated as it is, what can Death Lens bring to the table of Punk?Continue reading

Vower (Black Peaks, Palm Reader, Toska) Shares Their New Single and Video “Shroud”

Photo Credit: Silvija Vil

Photo Credit: Silvija Vil

With their debut single “Shroud” receiving its global premiere last night on the BBC Radio 1 Rock show with Daniel P Carter, we are very excited to introduce you to VOWER, an incredible new project featuring ex-members of Black Peaks, Palm Reader and Toska. The band, which comprises Rabea Massaad (Toska), Joe Gosney (Black Peaks/Palm Reader), Liam Kearley (Black Peaks), Josh Mckeown (Palm Reader), and Rory McLean, have unleashed a gigantic first single in the shape of “Shroud” via on Apricity Records. Watch the video now!Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Alkaline Trio – Drug Church – The Worriers Live at The Masonic

Don’t ever go to an Emo Punk show with a broken heart. This is not based on any empirical evidence, just advice from my own experience with this show. Maybe I went to my first long-term romantic post-break-up show 15 years ago, but it was Slapshot and Sam Black Church, so different vibes that night. But take my word for it, it’ll wreck you if you do. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Imminence – The Black

Arising from Trelleborg, Sweden, the ambitious quintet Imminence continues to reinvent Metalcore with their new album The Black. The group is known for breaking the genre’s boundaries with their use of violin and combining classical arrangements with breakdowns, blast beats and cataclysmic vocals. While Metal and Classical is one of the last combinations you would ever expect to hear, the band has always blurred the lines seamlessly between the styles. However, with this album, the Classical is more prominent than ever, while somehow making the Metal aspects hit an even deeper part of the soul for an almost spiritual experience. Continue reading