EXCLUSIVE SINGLE PREMIERE: Circle of Nerves Shares Their New Single – “Funeral Mind”

Swedish Doom/Hardcore band Circle of Nerves have teamed up with Ghost Cult Magazine to stream their new single “Funeral Mind!” This gnarly slow burn banger will have you nodding yes to every beat and riff! With a band named for a classic song by EyeHateGod, you know their headspace is right for this genre! Stream the track now before you can hear it everywhere tomorrow! Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Göden – Vale Of The Fallen

Violins will and should always belong in various subgenres of Metal, and when done right, the addition of a classical string instrument can transport listeners to vast transcendent landscapes – see Dawn Ray’d (RIP).Going even further and introducing new or grossly underutilized techniques can (and often does) represent a beacon of freshness for both the musicians and fans alike.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Sunnata – Chasing Shadows

Poland‘s Sunnata emerges from the cloud of smoke that shrouded the band on their last album to jam out their brand of grunge-out psychedelia. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Ape Vermin Share a New Single “Solaruss” – New Album “Andromedas Colossus” Coming Soon

Lovers of slow, massive riffs, rejoice! Ape Vermin is here for your daily dose of gnarly Sludge and Doom Metal music! Their new album Andromedas Colossus is dropping on May 17, 2024. the band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to share their new single “Solaruss!” Packed with tasty guitars, great time changes and ethereal and evil heavy vocals, oh and a belter of a guitar solo too! This should your new favorite heavy song this week, and maybe your favorite band too! You can hear definite shades of early Mastodon, High on Fire, and Byzantine among others of their musical ilk! Jam it out now! Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Hollow Leg – Dust

A tasty slice of rhythmic, headbanging Sludge, this groovy, nicely gnarly EP finds Hollow Leg in fine fettle, smoking hot and leaving many others in their wake – leaving them in the dust, you could say.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Couch Slut – You Could Do It Tonight

How many times have you heard a band described as genuinely “unsettling” to listen to? In all honesty, this scribe in question has probably described a few in writing as such. Well, more than likely those acts cannot come even close to the nauseating realism, punishing content and sonic barrage of New York’s Couch Slut over the last few years.

Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Nest – Endeavors

Nest is helmed by multi-instrumentalist John Jarvis of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Scour. Given his connection to Phil Anselmo through Scour, it only makes sense for this project to be on Housecore Records. Endeavors marks the third full-length album of the project. They opened select dates for Pantera’s recent tour; they are at least heavy enough to warrant having a slot on that run. Continue reading