Ulcerate Shares a New Single and Video “The Dawn Is Hollow” – New Album Incoming

Ulcerate, the New Zealand trio who Decibel Magazine hailed as “one of the most forward-thinking death metal bands around,” return with their highly-anticipated new album, Cutting the Throat of God, on June 14 via Debemur Morti Productions.
A preview of the seven-song album is available now with the release of “The Dawn Is Hollow” and its accompanying video at the link below:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Midnight – Hellish Expectations

The ever-belligerent Cleveland-based one-man unit Midnight returns with a prolific sixth full-length entitled Hellish Expectations, out via Metal Blade Records. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Saevus Finis – Facilis Descensus Averno

For quite some time now, but arguably in the last few years especially, Transcending Obscurity Records has been one of the most consistently excellent champions for new, exciting and often innovative extreme metal acts, both in quality and in the sheer volume of their releases. Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Panzerchrist – All Witches Shall Burn

Signed under Emanzipation Productions, the Aarhus-based Danish extreme metal warlords Panzerchrist –who have been around for about thirty years– are back on releasing a new four-track EP, All Witches Shall Burn, which was recorded in the same session of their 2023 album Last of a Kind. The recording process was done in Antfarm Studios with a production process involving Tue Madsen who has previously worked with many big names in the extreme metal scene such as Behemoth, At The Gates, and Aborted.
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TOP DEATH METAL ALBUMS OF 2023 by Through the Cracks of Death

His mind sundered by unimaginable horrors, Richard Benton’s psyche shatters into twenty pieces, each trapped in its own maze of nightmares more surreal than the last…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Laang – Riluo

Every band has an origin story. Some are interesting, a few amusing, but most are just routine tales of auditions, acquaintances or simple geography. Continue reading

EP ALBUM REVIEW: Act Of Entropy- Oupiroullel

Despite the world known adage that you should “never judge a book by its cover”, sometimes cover art is an excellent snapshot that gives a good indication of what is to come. The artwork in the case of Oupiroullel (Centipede Abyss) manages to both indicate what is to come with its frenzied, warped and vivid artwork, whilst somehow doing absolutely nothing to give preparation.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Helfró – Tálgröf

The emergence of bands like Misþyrming, Svartidauði, Naðra, and Almyrkvi have helped build the foundation of the Icelandic extreme metal scene to come into existence. Aside from the said bands I mentioned, now here we have Helfró as a part of the rising forces of the Icelandic extreme metal scene as well, being the formidable force in the world of Blackened Death Metal that they are.

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Mosaic Window – Plight of Acceptance


Listening to The Mosaic Window’s Plight of Acceptance (Willowtip Records) I can’t help but think of a particular scene from The Crow. Yeah, the one film that depends on how you feel about Dark City may be Alex Proyas’ sole seminal work. Our antagonist Top Dollar laments that the thrill of Devil’s Night is gone and proclaims, “The problem is, it’s all been done before…” and why that’s the best reason to quit.

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