ALBUM REVIEW: Bangladeafy – Vulture – Nefarious Industries

Eschewing entirely the notions of guitars and bass, two-piece Industrial / Electronica / call-it-what-you’d-like outfit Bangladeafy take a less-is-more approach for sixth full-length, Vulture (Nefarious Industries), with a (pleasingly) heavy emphasis on blending songs into the next, cementing that this record should be listened to the old-school way.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Squid Pisser – Dreams of Puke

It’s time to get messy, as Squid Pisser returns to shower listeners in a hot mess of aliens, extreme metal, and bodily fluids on latest record Dreams of Puke (SKiN GRAFT Records). Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Full Of Hell – Coagulated Bliss

Maryland’s Full of Hell are not fucking about. 6 studio albums, 5 collaboration albums, 9 EPs, 8 splits, and 4 live albums in 15 years, and with their latest album Coagulated Bliss (Closed Casket Activities), the band continues to demonstrate their refusal to stand still. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Couch Slut – You Could Do It Tonight

How many times have you heard a band described as genuinely “unsettling” to listen to? In all honesty, this scribe in question has probably described a few in writing as such. Well, more than likely those acts cannot come even close to the nauseating realism, punishing content and sonic barrage of New York’s Couch Slut over the last few years.

Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: The Arson Choir Shares a New Single and Video for “Pretend The World is Perfect And Forever”

The Arson Choir has shared a new single and music video for “Pretend The World is Perfect And Forever!” The single was recorded by the band’s drummer Mike Eichstedts while the mixing and mastering were completed by Jeff Dunne (Knocked Loose, Make Them Suffer, Currents). The track is accompanied by a music video inspired by the movie It Follows and created by Gene Ramirez. Their second single in recent times after covering 18 Visions, the new song expands on the band’s sound that balances noisy, progressive guitar work, great vocals, typically strong storytelling, and an enormous breakdown! Watch it now! Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: CNTS – Thoughts and Prayers

CNTS is a classy band. You already know that before you’ve heard a note of the music. So for the uninitiated (this being the band’s second album, following their self-titled 2019 debut) what are you going to expect of Thoughts & Prayers (Ipecac Recordings)?Continue reading


The newest offering from Kollapse is by no means something that should be consumed whilst in a distraught headspace. AR (Fysisk Format Records) is as much an introspection as it is a complex collection of seven Noise Rock, Sludge, and experimental tracks from the Danish trio. Continue reading


Ministry’s long career began back in 1981 and has seen many different incarnations over the proceeding 43 years with the one constant of producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Al Jourgensen steering the ship throughout. It’s fair to say the band have had to navigate some severely choppy waters over the decades, with a revolving door style policy of other personnel joining the larger-than-life frontman in his lifelong musical pursuit, and with various controversies never too far away.Continue reading

REVIEWS ROUND-UP: ft – Haystack – Rough Justice – Crawling Through Tartarus – Dwarrowdelf

When Entombed followed Uffe Cederlund’s vision and produced the divisive Same Difference in 1998, the direction and sound that incorporated a hefty dose of Unsane and Cederlund’s other project, Haystack, was quickly parked following an overwhelmingly negative response -it’s genuinely not a bad record at all, with hindsight – Senior Ed], and the Stockholm massive returned to their HM-2 Death n’ Roll stylings.

Haystack, too, fell by the wayside for over two decades, too. The resurrection continues, though, with second album since their return, and fourth overall, Doomsday Goes Away (The Dogma Repertory Institute/Threeman Recordings).

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