ALBUM REVIEW: The Story So Far – I Want To Disappear

As one of the highest acclaimed modern Pop Punk bands, The Story So Far has set a high bar for themselves to live up to with every new release. After almost six years since their last album Proper Dose proved their ability to go beyond standard Pop Punk, the band is continuing their legacy with their fifth album I Want To Disappear (Pure Noise Records). Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Early November – The Early November

New Jersey Alt-Rock stalwarts The Early November are back with the obligatory step in every artist’s career – the self-titled album (via Pure Noise Records). Now just a duo, frontman Ace Enders and drummer Jeff Kummer, The Early November seventh record is a distillation of their signature, emo-meets-pop-punk style of alternative rock with its crunchy guitars, polished hooks and introspective, angst-filled lyrics.  Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Pallbearer – Mind Burns Alive

Five albums into their career, the fact Pallbearer was once a Doom Metal band has faded into the haze of the atmosphere that dominates Mind Burns Alive (Nuclear Blast Records). Of all the metal sub-genres, fans of doom metal are the most forgiving when it comes to a band outgrowing the confines of the genre. Perhaps this is just Brett Campbell’s beautiful singing voice distracting you from the lyrics, which are as equally as bleak as those on the previous album. There might be a marginally more optimistic tone to “Where the Light Fades.” These depressive expressions are a thread of continuity tethering this bands’ entire body of work. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Grumpster – Grumpster

Contrary to popular belief, Pop Punk and Emo are far from dead and buried. There are tons of true-school cool pocket scenes all over with great bands and fans supporting the hell out of them. One of best bands that have come from the underground recently to earn props is Grumpster from Oakland. Always a legendary place for Punk (thank you East Bay scene, 924 Gilman Street), but has had more than a few killer bands of late too. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Alkaline Trio – Drug Church – The Worriers Live at The Masonic 

Don’t ever go to an Emo Punk show with a broken heart. This is not based on any empirical evidence, just advice from my own experience with this show. Maybe I went to my first long-term romantic post-break-up show 15 years ago, but it was Slapshot and Sam Black Church, so different vibes that night. But take my word for it, it’ll wreck you if you do. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Crosses – Crook One Live at The Fox Theater

I could not have picked a better night to go out to Oakland to see the headline tour from Crosses. I remember seeing their debut tour over a decade ago when I lived in Boston, at the Paradise Rock Club. That night, the venue was packed to the gills, and I distinctly remember being by the soundboard and seeing the separate rack settings and notes for Chino Moreno’s microphone and effects. It was a pretty cool glimpse inside the live sound of the guy who I have followed since the mid-nineties with Deftones. But much like Maynard James Keenan and Puscifer, it does seem like Crosses is his favorite child and passion. Along with his partner Shawn Lopez, formerly of the awesome and now defunct Sacramento band Far. They make for a sick team of creatives. Continue reading

Spanish Love Songs Add a Second Intimate Show Playing “Brave Faces Everyone” in Full

Spanish Love Songs, a band that has been at the forefront of the emotive punk scene and alternative scene has announced a second intimate show on 8th July, playing their album Brave Faces Everyone in its entirety. Coming off a raucous sellout at Electric Ballroom London, the band announced this special event and which sold out before the night’s end, and have now added another due to demand. The band will also perform at 2000Trees Festival. The band’s acclaimed album No Joy, on the list of Ghost Cult Albums of the Year 2023, is out now!Continue reading

Alkaline Trio Books a Headline Tour of The UK and Europe – New Album Incoming

Alkaline Trio has booked a headline tour of The UK and Europe to support their upcoming new album Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, out January 26 on Rise Records. This is in addition to previously announced dates for the USA. Ticket links and album pre-orders are live at the links below!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Dreamwell – In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You


With their debut album, Modern Grotesque, Dreamwell certainly hit the ground running, full of cathartic, screamo energy that most bands several years into their career wish they could muster. It was enough that the band even got picked up by Prosthetic Records, looking at Dreamwell to capture lightning in a bottle twice with their sophomore effort, In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You. 

Continue reading