ALBUM REVIEW: Rezn – Burden

It’s been a logical progression from the bong-laden wonderment of REZN’s 2017 debut to the band’s newest effort Burden (Sargent House), which finds Chicago’s sonic sorcerers expanding their minds and sound, with their newest offering feeling darker than previous offerings, though in a more hazy moonlit laced with a dopamine deficit-induced depression fashion, as the mood to the underlying themes. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Alien Ant Farm – mAntras

A lot can happen in a decade, from breakups and personal growth to illness and death, or even a global pandemic. So when a band releases their first album in ten years, you know it’s going to be one full of substance and genuineness. California alternative rock band Alien Ant Farm accomplishes just that with their sixth full-length album, mAntras (Megaforce Records). The record reintroduces the quartet through eleven tracks that detail everything they have been up to since their last record Always And Forever in 2014. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Bumblefoot of Whom Gods Destroy on Supergroups, Extreme Styles of Metal, and More

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Bumblefoot of Progressive Metal supergroup Whom Gods Destroy! Their new album Insanium is releasing via InsideOut Music! We talked to Ron about how the group from from the ashes of Sons Of Apollo – his work at the same time on the new Art Of Anarchy album, the heavy direction of this band and influences such as Pantera! Ron also talked about songcraft, guitar technique, revisiting other projects he has been in such as Asia, and some thoughts on revisiting Guns N Roses’  – “Chinese Democracy!” 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Bruce Dickinson – The Mandrake Project

Bruce Dickinson. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, fencer, author, entrepreneur and brewmaster; television presenter, broadcaster, screenwriter, commercial airline pilot, cancer survivor, professor of history, plus actor. 

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CONCERT REVIEW: Tool – Elder Live at Footprint Center

February 9th and 10th the Footprint Center stage, in Phoenix, AZ, lit up with the powerhouse that is Tool with direct support from Boston bred/and mostly now Germany-based band Elder. Elder started by warming up our ears to their heavy riffs and long instrumentals. This was my first time experiencing Elder, and I had never heard of the band until then. After this one experience though, I can easily see how the band fits and compliments Tool on this tour, as they too have some psychedelic and captivating soundscapes that just simply fits. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Polar Sun – Wax –  Wane

Rising from Brighton, United Kingdom, the genre-bending quintet Polar Sun (formerly known as Porshyne) self-release their new album Wax / Wane, which presents a mix of styles from electronic and Jazz to post-Rock and Math Rock. 

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Ghost Cult’s Album of the Year Countdown 2023: Part 1 (75-41)


2013 saw Ghost Cult crown Surgical Steel (Carcass) as our inaugural Album of the Year in a democratic aggregated vote process, untouched by editorial hands (other than the sliding of the abacus balls from one side to the other – or rather the logging of votes and the use of a rather rudimentary spreadsheet), a format we continue to utilise as the years pass, and the seasons grey. Our dedicated team of writers, editors, photographers make their submissions on demand following a month of much wringing-of-hands and profanities being aimed into the editorial mailbox.Continue reading

PODCAST: EPISODE 352 – Weslie Negron Interviews Pomegranate Tiger 

Ghost Cult scribe Weslie Negron Pagan interviews Progressive metal artist Pomegranate Tiger, all about his new album – the first in 7 years, All Input Is Error!  They discussed the new album, his career up until now, the concept of the album – Artificial Intelligence (AI), creating instrumental music, and much more!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Steven Wilson – The Harmony Codex

After last year’s triumphant and sad return for the final lap with Porcupine Tree, Prog music’s King, Steve Wilson was already planning his new solo album. After releasing an astounding album and a brief world tour to say goodbye, he is back to assert his dominance as a solo artist. While his signature sound is all over The Harmony Codex (Virgin Music Group), he has enlisted a bevy of conspirators to create his next epic musical adventure. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Pomegranate Tiger – All Input Is Error


On All Input Is Error (Self-Released), Canada’s Pomegranate Tiger (aka prog multi-instrumentalist and accomplished composer Martin Andres) takes a topical AI concept and runs with it. Does he win the race? Yes, in the end – even if the final fate of humankind is ultimately unknown (there are no lyrics, you see, so you can make up your own mind, all you creatives out there). 

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