ALBUM REVIEW: Gama Bomb – Bats


Gama Bomb is not just another tribute band to the glory days of Thrash Metal. Bats (Prosthetic Records) does display that while they are students of the era, they are also invested in establishing themselves as a band that walks in the present, while preferring to keep things at a more manic pace.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Dreamwell – In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You


With their debut album, Modern Grotesque, Dreamwell certainly hit the ground running, full of cathartic, screamo energy that most bands several years into their career wish they could muster. It was enough that the band even got picked up by Prosthetic Records, looking at Dreamwell to capture lightning in a bottle twice with their sophomore effort, In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Body Void – Atrocity Machine


If the sonic ambush and equilibrium-busting nature of Body Void’s Atrocity Machine (Prosthetic Records) didn’t make it clear enough: the world has been ass-backwards basically since humanity began to human.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Outergods – A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage of Heaven


Many bands over the years have incorporated H.P. Lovecraft’s work into their projects. Newcomers from Nottingham, England, Outergods, not only named themselves after the big baddies from the Cthulhu mythos, but even their overall sound instills fear and madness. A little over a half hour in length, A Kingdom Built Upon the Wreckage of Heaven (Prosthetic Records), debuts the haunting blend of black metal and grindcore this UK outfit has unleashed into the void for gods and mortals alike.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Creak – Depth Perception

Depth Perception is the debut full-length album from recent Prosthetic Records signees Creak, a heavy new metallic Hardcore band hailing from Newcastle UK.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Werewolves – My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me


When anger calls, it’s important to strike the iron while it’s still hot.

And that has never been a problem for Australia-based behemoths Werewolves. Their brand of death metal has always been as straightforward as their name. And barely a year after the ferocious From The Cave To The Grave the equally ferocious and downright vitriolic My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me (Prosthetic Records) is here and more vengeful than ever.


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ALBUM REVIEW: Elder Devil – Everything Worth Loving


Hold on, let me clear my throat. Let me attempt my best Jonathan Frakes Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction voice. Do you remember Trap Them? Seminal Northeast Metallic Hardcore/Grind band? Oh, many good times were had. Crowd surfing as far as the eye could see in those glory days. Well, those days are unfortunately no more as that New Hampshire collective closed shop in 2017.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pupil Slicer – Blossom


Pupil Slicer announced themselves in style with a sea of aggression, when their debut album Mirrors landed in 2021, and they immediately found themselves at home in the UKs thriving post-pandemic underground Metal scene, which saw them hitting the road the following year on a salivating and high-profile tour with Rolo Tomassi and Heriot. Mirrors was an accomplished debut performance of relentless raw energy and anger, with Pupil Slicer hinting at their full potential on the album’s final song ‘Collective Unconscious’, which was deeper and slower in pace, showing a maturity in their song-writing that extended beyond the abrasive math/deathcore on the rest of the record.

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