The Summer Slaughter Tour to Finally Return This Summer After Four Years

According to a report from our friends at, The Summer Slaughter Tour will return after a four-year absence in 2024! Their official Instagram shared an image stating “We Are Back!” as well as Sumerian Records, a regular sponsor of the tour and provider of bands and support! The tour will be from July-August and will take place in US and Canada. The post also featured the track “Dynasty” from Brand of Sacrifice, hinting that they may be a part of the tour lineup. The band was on The Summer Slaughter tour in 2019. First taking place in 2007 in the USA and expanding to Canada, and Europe, the tour was responsible for the growth of popularity, especially in the USA of such bands as Necrophagist, The Black Dahlia Murder, Decapitated, Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence, Between The Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders, Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, Periphery, and more. See the post below. Continue reading

PODCAST: The Weekly Ritual Rock and Metal News Show Live 2-16-24

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CONCERT REVIEW: Periphery – Plini – Archspire – Astronoid – Mike Dawes Live at The Worcester Palladium

Flying waffles, Backstreet Boys covers, local post-metal idols, games of Twister during a wall of death, rants about cereal and coffee, transcendent guitar wizardry that took me to space, and some of the most passionate and crowd involved djent/metalcore ever written. Are you still with me? Good. Because god damn, was the final night of the Wildfire Tour with Periphery, Plini, Archspire, Astronoid, and Mike Dawes a wild night at the Worcester Palladium. There’s a lot going on here so let’s get down to brass tacks…Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Dying Wish – Symptoms of Survival


For those heavily into the metalcore scene, Dying Wish have been that band on everyone’s lips that are looked on to be the scene’s next biggest thing.

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ALBUM REVIEW: TesseracT – War of Being


Ever since their inception in 2003, TesseracT have marked themselves out as being ahead of the curve in the progressive metal scene, actively adapting and evolving for each new chapter. With the band headlining Arctangent in 2022 and about to embark on another giant world tour, what could be next for the band?

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ALBUM REVIEW: Creak – Depth Perception

Depth Perception is the debut full-length album from recent Prosthetic Records signees Creak, a heavy new metallic Hardcore band hailing from Newcastle UK.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Periphery – Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre


Thirteen years since the release of their debut self-titled album, Periphery have made a name for themselves as one of the leading forces in the progressive metal world. Utilising a vast array of influences and genres into their own sound to create something unique with each release.Continue reading

Periphery Announces a New Album, First Two Singles Coming This Week

Periphery has been reading a big announcement with a countdown for the last week, and now we know what the fuss is about. Their next album Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre, will release via 3 Dot Recordings on March 10, 2023. The band will give a first preview of their upcoming album, their seventh, they will release two new singles – “Wildfire” and “Zagreus,” this Thursday.

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The Weekly Ritual Rock and Metal News Show 1-06-23

Check out our weekly news show! ? We cover the major stories of the week in heavy music, rock, and metal news, tour dates, and festivals, New Music Friday, and more!

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