ALBUM REVIEW: Amiensus – Reclamation

The geography of Minnesota is described as being a largely woodland abundant area and, famously, waters, often referred to as “The land of 10,000 lakes”. Such scenery has become synonymous with Black Metal; in particular some of the genre’s more melodic bands as well as acts such as Amorphis (albeit the latter has only A Thousand Lakes). It is no surprise then that visuals of Minnesota would also create such Black Metal, with Amiensus’ roots being in the state. Also, much like some of their similar sounding peers, the likes of Reclamation (M-Theory Audio) are also a somewhat immersive experience which feels ready for the outdoors.

Album opener “Blink of the Moment” sets the tone for proceedings, with a gradual build with an almost heroic tone before it hits a fiercer stride with blastbeats and vocal play that ranges from soaring vocals and piercing growls. It isn’t hugely original nor is it difficult to penetrate from the offset and this feels entirely intentional and immediate. 

Throughout it ranges from such interplay with airier moments such as on “Reverie” where it showcases comparatively more minimalist passages which allow aspects breathe for air. 

For fans of the likes of Borknagar things will feel fairly recognisable in style and tone for the most part, however there are aspects where proceedings are drawn out and offer an almost hypnotic, drone quality that you can lose yourself in. The closing “Transcendence Through Grief” uses a more Folk influenced style which does bring the likes of Panopticon to mind both in sound and the imagery it invokes in your mind about nature and the outside world.

Once again there is a lack of originality at play here but that is never a criticism if what is done is executed well, and the results of this are certainly the latter. Drawn out, meditative moments in part alongside some raising (opposed to gloomy) atmospherics mean this should be highly appealing to many.

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7 / 10