CONCERT REVIEW: Wednesday 13 – Gemini Syndrome – Infected Rain – Black Satellite – Anthrophobia Live at Mickey’s Black Box


Raise your horns. Wednesday 13 is touring with a set of songs by the Murderdolls and Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. Classics like ‘She Was A Teenage Zombie’ and ‘I Love To Say Fuck’ are part of a show that results in a high-energy, stupid fun night. With Black Satellite, Infected Rain, and Gemini Syndrome also playing in support it proves to be a long night full of great music. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: CAVALERA – Incite – Recall the Remains Live at KK’s Steel Mill


Another cold night in wintry Wolverhampton beckons but KK’s Steel Mill is always a welcome sight. A former factory building owned by former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing, the venue, opened in 2018, has already gained a great reputation, landing many top quality metal acts ahead of other local rivals.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Hollywood Undead – Tech N9ne – King Iso Live at The Worcester Palladium


The Hollywood & N9ne Tour rolled into the Worcester Palladium to bring the party and the good times, and King Iso was along for the ride as well. Now this is a tour that’s been in the works for quite some time so let’s not waste any more time, and jump right in!

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CONCERT REVIEW: Hiraes – Damnation Defaced Live at Logo


It was a hard choice – this show (only two bands, neither of which I knew) or Russian Circles plus a few other bands, with whom I was more familiar. Something pulled me to this show even though, logistically, the other would have made more sense. A small club, Logo was only a few minutes’ walk from my hotel room (which felt like a luxury). Unassuming outside and in, Logo couldn’t have held more than 400 people, had a very low stage (with a pole front and center), and had some odd diagonal fixtures in the middle of the floor with stools. But it was casual and reminded me of a few familiar clubs back home.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Destruction – Whiplash – Enforcer – Crisix Live at KK’s Steel Mill


There’s an A4 sized piece of paper gaffer taped to the wall inside KK’s Steel Mill tonight.



A sign that, to everyday folk, might seem a little worrying but to everyone congregated here on this cold October evening, it’s positively reassuring. The world might be in a horrible state currently but at least some things can be relied upon. The mood in the venue is positive, the drinks are flowing and even the merchandise stand is selling their wares at affordable prices. It’s going to be a good night.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Ghosts of Atlantis – Existentialist – Draugrheim Live at Colchester Arts Centre


No review from the Colchester Arts Centre would be complete without hailing the best small venue in the UK. Able to host 400 when packed to the architraves, its post-COVID refurb has cleaned up and modernised where needed (toilets, bars), whilst maintaining the features and character that every converted church that is now a gig-hosting venue should. Added to that, great views and a powerful sound-system, and the stage is quite literally set for a much more adventurous and welcome Tuesday night than you might normally get in the Britain’s oldest (and newest – Google it) city*

*It’ll always be a town, to me.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Cryptopsy – Abysmal Dawn – Visceral Disgorge – Reaping Asmodeia – Warforged Live at El Corazon


30 years ago, I hadn’t heard of Cryptopsy. When a friend played them for me 20 years ago, I did not like what I had heard. I knew it was good, but there was no way I was going to listen to it, or ever see that band live. 20 years later, I was thrilled to see Cryptopsy perform at last.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Royal Thunder – Live at Wally’s Hampton Beach

On Thursday, July 20th, I was fortunate enough to be amongst many others in attendance at Wally’s in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, where Royal Thunder took the stage in support of their newest album Rebuilding the Mountain (Spinefarm Records). This was the first time I had seen a Royal Thunder performance since they toured for their previous record Wick in 2017. After some time away from touring, the Atlanta rock band soared back into our ears & hearts in a way that only Royal Thunder could. With an awe-inspiring spell of entertainment right on Hampton Beach that evening. As the lights dimmed and the house music dissolved to a halt, Josh, Mlny, and Evan sauntered onto the stage into view. The trio that gave us such fantastic records previously were reunited at last. The energy between the three bandmates before us seemed to resonate throughout the room like an unheard sound. It was hard to ignore the feeling of anticipation building, for the heart of Royal Thunder was whole again.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Biohazard – Indecision – King Nine Live at Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza in New York City was the home for what I called the “New Yorkers only night” of the sold-out reunion shows of Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal Crossover legends, Biohazard. This night kicked off with Long Island’s own King Nine, who were new to my ears. Known for their abrasive, heavy sound, took to the stage with ferocity, that set a ferocious tone for the evening. They proved captivating with their blend of abrasive vocals and abrasive riffs, reminding the crowd why they have earned their spot on the stage tonight.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Covet – ScaryPoolParty – Alto Palo Live at The Crescent Ballroom


Covet’s latest American tour in support of their latest album Catharsis, started in April in Portland, OR, and recently came to a successful close this May in Santa Cruz, CA. I was able to experience Covet for the first time along with supporting acts ScaryPoolParty and Alto Palo in Phoenix, AZ, during which I was excited and curious to see how each of these bands would blend together.

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