CONCERT REVIEW: Go Ahead and Die – Bodybox – Deep Within, Scoundrel and Cursed Live at Strummers 

Strummers is a really chill and fun venue that’s hosted shows throughout the years, and I have always had the pleasure of seeing bands even as a fan. Located in the Tower District, where there are other places to go for music, bars, dining, or just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere and its beauty. Walking into Strummers through the bar area and into the show side, with lights dim low and only a bit of stage light for the upcoming bands to perform the night away.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Hatebreed – Shadows Fall – 100 Demons – Sworn Enemy and More Live at The Oakdale Theatre

Hatebreed celebrated their 30th anniversary as a band in Wallingford, Connecticut at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre on St Patty’s Day 2024 with The March Metal Matinee. This show was extra special as it was the band’s biggest “hometown show” in the band’s amazing history and also guitarist Wayne Lozinak birthday. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: He Was A God – Bone Church – Shagohod Live at Park City Music Hall 

On a quaint main street in the East End section of the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut next to dance studios and gastro pubs, lies a soon-to-be well-known music venue called Park City Music Hall. It boasts a full bar, a menu with options for everyone, incredible sound, lighting, and not just lights, and a green room as large as the event space itself. Almost beyond belief is a large parking lot in the back, in addition to the available on-street parking. A substantial investment is clear but, what stands out even above all of this is the staff. Everyone was friendly, attentive and makes it their mission for the bands and patrons alike to have the best experience possible.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Silent Planet – Thornhill – Aviana – Johnny Booth Live at Worcester Palladium

Riffs and breakdowns were on the menu this past Tuesday night at the Worcester Palladium, courtesy of your international team of chefs on the Superbloom Tour. Welcome to the stage this evening, Long Island NY’s own Johnny Booth, from the west coast of Sweden we have the masked collective of Aviana, all the way from Melbourne Australia we have Thornhill, and capping off the night… the star cooks of the evening, from Azusa, CA… Silent Planet. Let’s jump right into course one, shall we?!Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Machine Head – Fear Factory – Orbit Culture – Gates To Hell Live at The Warfield

Kicking off 2024 with bang, we headed out to the first show of the year at legendary The Warfield! Hometown heroes Machine Head have not played the city in a few years, and joining them on this epic tour was Fear Factory who missed last year’s show in the city with Static-X. Joining them on this joint are current buzz band Orbit Culture who just got signed to Century Media Records, and Gates To Hell from Louisville opening This is a very strong bill top to bottom especially with two of the most dominant and enduring names in Metal from the nineties still at the top!Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Cattle Decapitation – Immolation – Sanguisugabogg – Castrator Live at The Warsaw

Brooklyn’s newly reopened Warsaw venue, and witnessed an unforgettable night of extreme metal. The line-up boasting Cattle Decapitation, Immolation, Sanguisugabogg, and Castrator delivered performances that showcased the raw energy and technical prowess of the genre. This diverse range of death metal styles made it a night to remember for fans.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Lucifer – Coven – Early Moods Live at Le Poisson Rouge

The renowned venue Le Poisson Rouge hosted an unholy night of Heavy Metal, in the heart of New York City. A triple bill dubbed “The Satanic Panic Tour” – featured Lucifer, Coven, and Early Moods. It was the perfect environment for this tour. The bands did not disappoint, giving a modern throwback feeling of heavy metal.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW:  Periphery – Plini – Archspire – Astronoid – Mike Dawes Live at The Worcester Palladium  

Flying waffles, Backstreet Boys covers, local post-metal idols, games of Twister during a wall of death, rants about cereal and coffee, transcendent guitar wizardry that took me to space, and some of the most passionate and crowd involved djent/metalcore ever written. Are you still with me? Good. Because god damn, was the final night of the Wildfire Tour with Periphery, Plini, Archspire, Astronoid, and Mike Dawes a wild night at the Worcester Palladium. There’s a lot going on here so let’s get down to brass tacks…Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Wednesday 13 – Gemini Syndrome – Infected Rain – Black Satellite – Anthrophobia Live at Mickey’s Black Box


Raise your horns. Wednesday 13 is touring with a set of songs by the Murderdolls and Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. Classics like ‘She Was A Teenage Zombie’ and ‘I Love To Say Fuck’ are part of a show that results in a high-energy, stupid fun night. With Black Satellite, Infected Rain, and Gemini Syndrome also playing in support it proves to be a long night full of great music. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: CAVALERA – Incite – Recall the Remains Live at KK’s Steel Mill


Another cold night in wintry Wolverhampton beckons but KK’s Steel Mill is always a welcome sight. A former factory building owned by former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing, the venue, opened in 2018, has already gained a great reputation, landing many top quality metal acts ahead of other local rivals.

Continue reading