INTERVIEW: Dallas Smith (Barghest) of Faustian on “Primordial Rot” and More

Following up 2022’s banger S/T EP, Louisiana death metal trio Faustian are back with a soul-searing new single “Primordial Rot”. The group are flowing with creativity like the River Styx flows with hatred, so come sail away with them! In all seriousness, this band is poised to be one of your new favorites. “Primordial Rot” seethes with masterful blunt force and “Morbid” upheaval combining acute skill with caveman mean mugging for a perfect death metal fix. It was a pleasure to speak with Dallas Smith (also of Barghest) about the gestation of the project.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Deicide – Banished By Sin

Dear lord in heaven, it’s 2024 and we’re still talking about the fact that Glen Benton has an inverted cross on his forehead. This is not a knock on Deicide, by the way, as they have consistently recorded and toured seemingly nonstop since the early nineties, hence the new album Banished by Sin (Reigning Phoenix Music). No this is regarding a text message I received from an anonymous listener during my radio show, The Stress Factor (cheap plug), last week when I played “Trick or Betrayed.” Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Glen Benton of Deicide Talks About Their New “Banished By Sin” Album

In this episode, Ghost Cult Co-Owner Omar Cordy chatted with Glenn Benton of Deicide! Their new album Banished By Sin is releasing on April 26th, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music! Omar and Glen caught up about the changes in the lineup, a switch in producers, working with Taylor Young and Jeramie Kling, album artwork, and more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Morta Skuld – Creation Undone

Metalheads are suckers for nostalgia. The very root of its subculture is framed as defenders of a faith that upholds a purity of metal. This did not begin with neckbeards arguing in the comment sections or message boards about what metal is true or false, it came from the earliest days when bands were hosting “anti-disco” shows into the eighties when Thrash bands set themselves against the glam rockers of the Sunset strip that spilled over into parking lot fisticuffs. Continue reading

Roadrunner United Release Celebrating The Iconic Label to See a Rerelease in 2023

Roadrunner United was a project organized by iconic hard rock record label Roadrunner Records to celebrate its 25th anniversary, culminating in the U.S. Billboard Top 200, UK Albums, and Australian ARIA Albums-charting original The All Star Sessions. Four “team captains” (Slipknot’s Joey Jordison (RIP), Machine Head’s Robb Flynn, Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares, and Trivium’s Matthew K. Heafy) were chosen to lead 57 artists from 45 past and present Roadrunner bands. On December 15, 2005, a concert celebrating the project, album, and anniversary took place at the Nokia Theater in New York City. That star-studded event featured multiple musicians, both past and present, from Roadrunner bands — as well as musicians that did not originally perform on the All-Star Sessions album. Now that album is getting a release in 2023 on multiple formats. Watch the live performance video of “The End (Live)” featuring Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares, and Trivium’s Matthew K. Heafy – right now!

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Deicide – Overtures Of Blasphemy

Famously noted for his devout Christian beliefs, the God-fearing Glen Benton has never been shy about expressing his religious side. A deeply pious man, the always smiling Benton assembled his first church choir in 1987. Going by the name of Amon, and aided by an unofficial fifth member, Jesus, the small band of congregants decided to change their name to something a little more wholesome and reverential. Settling upon Deicide (the act of killing a god), the four-piece inexplicably found themselves at the forefront of the burgeoning Floridian Death Metal scene, going on to inspire an untold number of godless hairy noisemakers.Continue reading

Deicide Shares New Single – “Seal The Tomb Below”

Deicide will release a new album on September 14th from their long-time label Century Media. Overtures Of Blasphemy will be their first album in five years, since In The Minds Of Evil. They just dropped a new single, ‘Seal The Tomb Below’, which you can stream now. Continue reading

Entombed A.D. “Pulled” From The Metal Alliance Tour

metal alliance tour 2015 deicide entombed ad hate eternal black crown initiate lorna shore svart crown

In a post to their Facebook page Entombed A.D., featuring death metal legend Entombed’s front man LG Petrov, has been pulled from The Metal Alliance Tour, and are headed back to Sweden.

Entombed A.D.’s post to Facebook


entombed screen grab

Attention US headbangers! We got pulled of the U.S. Tour for reasons we don’t yet know. On our way to Sweden now. Never…

Posted by Entombed A.D. on Sunday, June 7, 2015


The Metal Alliance tour is headlined by Deicide and also includes Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate, Lorna Shore, and Svart Crown. No statement has yet to be released by the tour or the bands remaining on the bill.


Remaining Metal Alliance Tour Dates:

Jun 08: Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA
Jun 09: The Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA
Jun 11: LVCS – Las Vegas, NV
Jun 12: Club Red – Mesa, AZ
Jun 13: Mesa Music Hall – El Paso, TX
Jun 14: Depot “O” Bar Live – Lubbock, TX (w/Deicide, Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate, Lorna Shore)
Jun 14: TBC – Houston, TX (w/Entombed A.D., Svart Crown)
Jun 15: Empire Garage – Austin, TX
Jun 16: Gas Monkey Live! – Dallas, TX

Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil

Deicide-in-the-Minds-of-EvilThe death metal legends Deicide are back with their eleventh and newest album. Let’s cut the crap and go directly to the point: we never know what we will find with a new album of Deicide, since they have been so damn inconstant in these last twenty-five years of activity. Yeah, they have pure classics like the self-titled debut album and 1992’s Legion under their belt, but they’re also the creators of the horrendous 2001’s In Torment In Hell album. It has never been easy to be a fan of Deicide because you never know. Look at 2006’s The Stench of Redemption. In 2006 the band delivers a record that is fantastic, but before that they had released In Torment In Hell, and after it the not really solid and good albums, 2008’s Till Death Do Us Part and 2011’s To Hell With God.

So, what about this new one? Well, they worked hard and finally, seven years after The Stench of Redemption, they come up with a good and solid album. That’s it. In The Minds Of Evil (Century Media) is what the Deicide’s hardcore fans were waiting for. Opening with a Slayer-esque riff and an awesome vocal melody, on the title track, Deicide sent us in true evil trip where cool riffs and grooves hold hands. Yeah, like Glen Benton said, this new studio effort recaptures the vibe of their first album. Unfortunately it is far from being a classic like the 1990’s self-titled album. But in the end what matters is that Deicide has again created a good record, with the help of Jason Suecof. He’s responsible for the great production on album. Finally!


Deicide on Facebook

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