CONCERT REVIEW: Rotting Christ 35th Anniversary Concert with Varathron, Live at Lycabettus Theatre

June 29th 2024, was a night to remember as Greece’s greatest metal export, Rotting Christ celebrated 35 years as a band. Presented by Rockwave Festival, the show was held at Lycabettus Theatre, which is located on a famous beautiful viewpoint overlooking all of Athens. Opening the show for them was Greek Occult Black Metal legends Varathron.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Lindsey Stirling Live at Gazi Technopolis, Athens


July 17th was quite a memorable evening with the majestical Lindsey Stirling as she finally returned to Greece after several years. Brought in by Eventation, the dual-talented dancing violin player brought her dance troupe and musicians for a night that the crowd would never forget. Also, an extra special night in Athens, having it been at Gazi Technopolis, known for being a gorgeous modern industrial area with a great layout for a show.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Melvins – Vodka Juniors – Pigsx7 Live at Technopolis


Melvins bring the punks out and into the heat in Athens! 

It was July 3rd and the weather has started getting really hot in Athens, Greece around this time but it hasn’t stopped Punks, Goths, and Metalheads of all varieties from coming out of their cooler homes at 7 PM for doors. They immediately packed the industrial venue of Technopolis to catch Pigs at 7:30, and of course to have a good spot for Melvins

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CONCERT REVIEW: Pantera – Elegant Weapons Live at Verti Music Hall, Berlin


Pantera Legacy, is it worth the hype? 

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FESTIVAL RECAP: Nightwish and In Flames Kick-Off Release Athens Festival Series

Festival season in Athens, Greece has begun with Nightwish and In Flames debuting at Release Athens Festival on June 7th, in Water Square. The headcount featured over 12,000 fans singing along and crowd-surfing throughout the night. 

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CONCERT REVIEW: Iron Maiden – Lord of The Lost – Airborne Live at Olympic Stadium

Iron Maiden fans all over the world are literally no different as they fly all over the world to see these guys perform. Athens, Greece even with their 30-degree (Celsius or 90 plus in Fahrenheit) temperatures, native Grecians are not fazed by the weather, came well hydrated, excited, and ready to consume beer, and some Maiden tunes. 

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