REVIEWS ROUND-UP: ft – Haystack – Rough Justice – Crawling Through Tartarus – Dwarrowdelf

When Entombed followed Uffe Cederlund’s vision and produced the divisive Same Difference in 1998, the direction and sound that incorporated a hefty dose of Unsane and Cederlund’s other project, Haystack, was quickly parked following an overwhelmingly negative response -it’s genuinely not a bad record at all, with hindsight – Senior Ed], and the Stockholm massive returned to their HM-2 Death n’ Roll stylings.

Haystack, too, fell by the wayside for over two decades, too. The resurrection continues, though, with second album since their return, and fourth overall, Doomsday Goes Away (The Dogma Repertory Institute/Threeman Recordings).

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: ft. Amaranthe – Blackberry Smoke – Bokassa – Shooting Daggers

When Swedish Europop-metalcore (they’re a difficult band to put a tag on considering how distinct their sound is!) sextet Amaranthe announced their arrival with 2011’s self-titled semi-classic album, it was hard to imagine them, as great as their first shot was, still being around thirteen years later. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Ace Frehley – 10,000 Volts

You can take the boy out of The Bronx, but can’t take The Bronx out of the boy.

Ace Frehley, Kiss guitar legend, gives birth to some of his finest cuts and hottest licks with the fret-burning, string-bending, grin-inducing 10,000 Volts (MNRK Heavy).Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Spectral Voice – Sparagmos

Spectral Voice‘s sophomore album Sparagmos (Dark Descent Records) is possessed by a dark anguish that draws you in. A decade or so ago this brand of Atmospheric Death Metal was labeled “occult death metal” and referenced bands like Necros Christos who follow Incantation’s lead down into the doomier depth of death metal. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – No Name Graves

Delving into No Name Graves (Unique Leader), a constant quickly becomes evident.

The majority of the songs on the latest effort from Deathcore outfit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life feels introductory. Which is to say the tracks routinely edge listeners by delivering about seventy percent but never really breaks the surface.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Transit Method – Othervoid

Music that’s right here, right now, with echoes of glories past. A dream of an album that takes off fast, edgy, in a punky rush, sounding like … a punky Rush!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Hiraes – Dormant

The title of Hiraes’ new album, Dormant (Napalm Records), caught me a bit off guard.

The word “dormant” conjures images of calm, rest, inactivity. Yet, I’ve seen them play and listened to their first album numerous times, and nothing led me to believe that the band would be entering such a period or engaging in such a manner. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Enterprise Earth – Death: An Anthology

The sign of a confident album is when the guest appearances bolster rather than salvage the work put in by the primary artists. Thus, Enterprise Earth’s Death: An Anthology (MNRK Heavy) is a certified scorcher in which the 11 featured tracks stand tall, both independently and as an aggregation of technically aligned Deathcore.

The wealth of intricacies and variety is but the starting point for this behemoth. So let’s get into it.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Abhoria – Depths

Whilst Los Angeles’ Ashen Horde may have favoured a more Northern European tint their Black Metal sound, members of that band have gone on to form Abhoria. On Depths (Prosthetic Records) they continue to uphold their legacy of legitimacy seamlessly. This means they can create an authentic mood to translate this sound tangibly, however, there still is the question… can you write a song?Continue reading