ALBUM REVIEW: Abhoria – Depths

Whilst Los Angeles’ Ashen Horde may have favoured a more Northern European tint their Black Metal sound, members of that band have gone on to form Abhoria. On Depths (Prosthetic Records) they continue to uphold their legacy of legitimacy seamlessly. This means they can create an authentic mood to translate this sound tangibly, however, there still is the question… can you write a song?Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Cognizance – Phantazein

New year, new label… Following their first two releases under the Prosthetic Records banner, UK-based Death Metallers Cognizance are back with Phantazein, a concept album via Willowtip Records that focuses primarily on “art, obsession, and the profound influence of one’s environment.”

The five-piece outfit surpasses typical Death Metal and on this record introduces elements of Technical Death Metal and thrash. None of this puts a strain on the production value, which is a well-oiled machine – and certainly sounds like it – from start to finish.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Domination Campaign – A Storm Of Steel

What Domination Campaign, a duo comprised of Psycroptic bandmates Jason Peppiatt (vocals, guitar, bass) and Joe Haley (drums), have tried to do with A Storm Of Steel (Prosthetic Records) is craft a Death Metal record that reveals the perils and horrors of war (World War II, in particular) in a way that is less sensationalist, and more raw and real.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Gama Bomb – Bats


Gama Bomb is not just another tribute band to the glory days of Thrash Metal. Bats (Prosthetic Records) does display that while they are students of the era, they are also invested in establishing themselves as a band that walks in the present, while preferring to keep things at a more manic pace.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Body Void – Atrocity Machine


If the sonic ambush and equilibrium-busting nature of Body Void’s Atrocity Machine (Prosthetic Records) didn’t make it clear enough: the world has been ass-backwards basically since humanity began to human.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Exmortus – Necrophony

Exmortus did nothing halfway when orchestrating their epic, hourlong, quasi-conceptual new record, Necrophony (Nuclear Blast Records).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Werewolves – My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me


When anger calls, it’s important to strike the iron while it’s still hot.

And that has never been a problem for Australia-based behemoths Werewolves. Their brand of death metal has always been as straightforward as their name. And barely a year after the ferocious From The Cave To The Grave the equally ferocious and downright vitriolic My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me (Prosthetic Records) is here and more vengeful than ever.


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ALBUM REVIEW: Death Goals – A Garden Of Dead Flowers


Imagining what sounds the absence of something emits can be as intangible as it is incomprehensible. A garden of dead flowers, for example, would presumably lack much in the way of disturbances or noises. Yet, Death Goals penned a soundtrack for that scene and it’s deranged, cantankerous, and irrepressible.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Fires In The Distance – Air Not Meant For Us



Fires In The Distance do not do anything halfway.

Since 2021’s debut Billboard-charting opus Echoes From Deep November, the melodic doomsters set out on a course to carve out their colossal identity. As a response, Air Not Meant For Us transcends music. With larger-than-life compositions and stunning atmospherics, the Prosthetic Records release averages nine minutes a song and impressively builds on FITD’s earlier success.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dawn Of Ouroboros – Velvet Incandescence


Since the release of their single and accompanying music video, the anticipatory excitement for Dawn Of Ourboros’ sophomore record has been palpable, to say the least.

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