ALBUM REVIEW: 200 Stab Wounds – Manual Manic Procedures


Despite signing with a big-name label, it’s extremely refreshing to find out that hardcore-influenced death metallers 200 Stab Wounds have retained everything that makes their sound great: pounding, catchy riffs; a rancid atmosphere; and thrashy guitar fills when necessary.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Four Stroke Baron – Data Diamond

To try and place Four Stroke Baron neatly into a category of music is akin to trying to describe the Higgs field to a classroom full of ninth graders on the last day of school before summer break. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Göden – Vale Of The Fallen

Violins will and should always belong in various subgenres of Metal, and when done right, the addition of a classical string instrument can transport listeners to vast transcendent landscapes – see Dawn Ray’d (RIP).Going even further and introducing new or grossly underutilized techniques can (and often does) represent a beacon of freshness for both the musicians and fans alike.Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Ape Vermin Share a New Single “Solaruss” – New Album “Andromedas Colossus” Coming Soon

Lovers of slow, massive riffs, rejoice! Ape Vermin is here for your daily dose of gnarly Sludge and Doom Metal music! Their new album Andromedas Colossus is dropping on May 17, 2024. the band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to share their new single “Solaruss!” Packed with tasty guitars, great time changes and ethereal and evil heavy vocals, oh and a belter of a guitar solo too! This should your new favorite heavy song this week, and maybe your favorite band too! You can hear definite shades of early Mastodon, High on Fire, and Byzantine among others of their musical ilk! Jam it out now! Continue reading

PODCAST: Glacially Musical 179 – High On Fire’s “Commeth The Storm” Reviewed and Gimme Metal Vinyl Unboxing

Time for a chaser episode! Let’s review and unbox @High On Fire’s new album “Cometh The Storm” out now via MNRK Heavy! Nik unboxes the vinyl variant from Gimme Metal and we tell the story of Gimme Radio! Nik is also unnecessarily mad at Keefy.

We will be back next week with more Queen!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Kill The Lights – Death Melodies

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a decade since Michael “Moose” Thomas left metal big-hitters Bullet For My Valentine citing It just got boring”. 

The drummer then went on to show his true potential with former members of Still Remains and Threat Signal, with the debut album of his new project Kill The Lights. Almost four years on from their last release From Ashes, and now the supergroup are back with their latest release, Death Melodies (Fearless Records). Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Page Hamilton of Helmet Breaks Down His New Album “Left’

Ghost Cult caught up with Page Hamilton of Metal legends Helmet! Their 2023 album “Left” was released via earMUSIC, and is a document of where the band is musically, mentally, and politically. Page shared a track-by-track breakdown, discussed his creative process, why he went so deep on politics in his lyrics this time, the longevity of the current lineup of the band, and much more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Helmet – Left


Helmet are a legacy band, who at over 30 years into their career– albeit with an early 2000’s hiatus– are still very much thought of as a specific, early mid-nineties era band when alternative rock was king. And for good reason, as they are a band who certainly had a huge influence with early Interscope Records such as Meantime (1992) and Betty (1994), providing a sludgy down-tuned version of the more commercial alternative styles of the time.  

Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Prong – State of Emergency


Tommy Victor is an unsung hero of Rock. The Prong frontman (and the band’s only constant) has been putting out great records under the Prong banner since 1989’s Force Fed. Between then and the band’s latest — thirteenth studio album State of Emergency (Steamhammer / SPV) — there’s been a brief flirtation with commercial success in the early-mid nineties, an extended hiatus before and after the band’s unfairly-maligned Scorpio Rising album from 2003, and a steady stream of quality material over recent years.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Black Stone Cherry – Screamin’ At The Sky


When your first two albums are such bonafide classics as to not only launch you to rock fame but also firmly establish your sound and style in everyone’s conscience, it can be difficult to find the space to grow amongst the weeds and weight of expectation, particularly when your third album saw some of the earnestness and depth not quite sacrificed at the altar of “the commercial gamble” (one that paid off, whether or not you choose to blame it on the Boom Boom), but tempered in exchange for slick, rock arena fillers.  

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