ALBUM REVIEW: Ingested – The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams

Deathcore stalwarts, Ingested, once again release into the world their own blend of pig squeals, breakdowns, and hypnotizing guitar leads. This collection of slamming tracks makes up their eighth full-length album called The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams (Metal Blade Records). While the subgenre has fallen far from its once prominent standing in the heavy music world, the UK natives put together quality deathcore without trying anything too experimental. Ten tracks hit you right in the face for forty-five minutes before finally letting go.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – No Name Graves

Delving into No Name Graves (Unique Leader), a constant quickly becomes evident.

The majority of the songs on the latest effort from Deathcore outfit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life feels introductory. Which is to say the tracks routinely edge listeners by delivering about seventy percent but never really breaks the surface.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Enterprise Earth – Death: An Anthology

The sign of a confident album is when the guest appearances bolster rather than salvage the work put in by the primary artists. Thus, Enterprise Earth’s Death: An Anthology (MNRK Heavy) is a certified scorcher in which the 11 featured tracks stand tall, both independently and as an aggregation of technically aligned Deathcore.

The wealth of intricacies and variety is but the starting point for this behemoth. So let’s get into it.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Carnifex – Necromanteum


If there’s one redeeming quality to Carnifex’s new record, it’s guitarist and relative newcomer Neal Tiemann. The string slayer’s adept finger-tapping during boisterous guitar solos does its best to keep Necromanteum (Nuclear Blast Records) afloat despite a myriad of deficiencies.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Crown Magnetar – Everything Bleeds


Crown Magnetar does deathcore the right way.


Forgoing the oft-used technique of blubbering legitimately incoherent nonsense, the titans of the industry insert vulgar, spiteful lyrics all over Everything Bleeds (Unique Leader Records). The record comes fresh off the heels of 2022’s EP, Alone In Death, signaling a need for the Coloradans to constantly wreak havoc.

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EP REVIEW: Aasar – Nothing to Nowhere


Nothing to Nowhere is the debut EP from new Seek and Strike Records signee’s AASAR. Hailing from the cold mountains of Italy, the four-piece absolutely show they mean business by delivering a relentlessly dark journey of noise, with an underlying hypnotic melody that keeps you hooked from start to finish. While lyrically the record is strongly influenced by themes of Norse and Egyptian mythology, with a concept exploring the spiritual journey of a man headed towards damnation.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Existentialist – The Heretic


As a fan of Deathcore back in the early days, I always feel compelled to give newer Deathcore bands a listen when I have the time. As luck would have it, Existentialist’s latest album, The Heretic (Seek & Strike Records), ended up in my inbox, ready for just such an occasion. While this record did not blow me away, it is well executed, especially with the level of symphonic elements bleeding more into some tracks than others.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die


I have one question for the Suicide Silence lads. Why is it that they are perfectly content to settle on terrible studio production and mix? Yes, I get that The Cleansing and No Time to Bleed were popular and well-regarded in the Deathcore circle, but in all honesty, they were never going to be considered amongst the best metal recordings ever.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Bonecarver – Carnage Funeral


Imagine being a child and your buddy informs you that an outfit known as Bonecarver has a new album titled Carnage Funeral on Unique Leader. What do you do with that information? That’s like the most metal collection of words ever assembled. Carnage Funeral? Bonecarver? What in the world is a Bonecarver and why does anyone need it? So many questions trying to keep up with a rushing imagination.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Chelsea Grin – Suffer In Hell


Deathcore, the subgenre that took the late 2000’s by storm and is still muscling along today. Like many subgenres before it, multiple generations of bands come together and play their own particular brand of the given subgenre. In terms of deathcore, one earlier generation example that did not experiment themselves away from their roots is Chelsea Grin. They have released their sixth studio album (the first of a two part series) entitled Suffer In Hell (ONErpm) with the sister album, Suffer In Heaven, due out in 2023.

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