ALBUM REVIEW: Crawl – Altar of Disgust

Sometimes all that’s needed on a rough day is some crusty Death Metal. Luck would have it that Crawl has dropped their sophomore full-length, Altar of Disgust (Transcending Obscurity Records), and it is a journey, to say the least. Ten songs (eleven counting an intro) at just over thirty minutes is the perfect portion size for such an aggressive and abrasive collection of songs. These Swedish death metallers have one goal in mind: to crush you under the weight of their riffs and breakdowns.

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EP REVIEW: The Hope Conspiracy – Confusion – Chaos – Misery

One of the best parts of writing for Ghost Cult Magazine is getting so many new bands’ (to me) albums to review that absolutely blow me away. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Fuming Mouth – Last Day of Sun


Nothing makes me feel more proud than when a local band from the Boston scene makes it. I’ve been a big fan of Fuming Mouth over the years of their growth and was pleased to find their sophomore full-length, Last Day of Sun (Nuclear Blast Records), in my bin.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Filth Is Eternal – Find Out


A lot of bands sound like they are writing their albums with a view to the live setting these days, with business perhaps more focused on big riffs or breakdowns and how they’ll go over in a club than fitting in to the overall theme of an album, or a band’s catalog. Washington’s current finest punk band Filth Is Eternal sound like a killer live band who also took the extra time at every element of their craft. From message to delivery, this is the full package.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Implore – The Burden of Existence


Imagine burning your toast in the morning to the point the bread is completely charred over, perhaps even lit on fire. Clean up that mess and you will find there are crumbs at the bottom of the toaster that somehow formed right onto the metal of the housing of the toaster. This is where you will find Implore and their newest release, The Burden of Existence (Church Road Records).

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EP REVIEW: Wolfbrigade – Anti-Tank Dogs


With only three tracks and a short run-time clocking in slighter over ten minutes, Wolfbrigade wasted no time with their hardcore punk assault on their latest EP, Anti-Tank Dogs (Armageddon / Agipunk).Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Black Void – Antithesis

In a time like the last few years, we all are looking for that good piece of news, that sense of accomplishment, that fix of dopamine, to keep us going. Sometimes the positivity, the harmony, the peace is just deafening and some gloom is needed. This is where Black Void resides with their debut release, Antithesis (Nuclear Blast). Born from the group’s other persona, White Void, of hard rock classification, is that good feeling inverse of what Black Void has put together. What that equates to is, crust punk competing with black metal to make a nihilistic ride through darkness.Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Skeleton – Ordainment of Divinity

While preparing their planned full-length for the end of this year, Skeleton has surprised us with the EP Ordainment of Divinity on 20 Buck Spin. This 12 minutes demo comes straight from the catacombs to fulfill your ears with dusty and viscid aggressiveness immersed on a Lo-fi production that is undoubtedly instigating us for a ‘nuclear bomb’ record.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Dropdead – Dropdead 2020

Punk music continues to be the most outspoken genre of heavy music in terms of political/social issues. This is no different from the hardcore punk/grindcore outfit known simply as Dropdead. Formed back at the beginning of 1991 and has released many recordings over the years, this is only the third studio album, however, it has come about in perfect timing. Simply titled Dropdead 2020 (Armageddon), is a twenty-four-minute sonic attack on all things evil such as the ever-growing right-wing extremists, animal abuse, and overall human stupidity.

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