ALBUM REVIEW: Fuming Mouth – Last Day of Sun


Nothing makes me feel more proud than when a local band from the Boston scene makes it. I’ve been a big fan of Fuming Mouth over the years of their growth and was pleased to find their sophomore full-length, Last Day of Sun (Nuclear Blast Records), in my bin.

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Tom Davies, Bassist of Nebula, Has Died


Sad news as Tom Davies, the longtime bassist for Psychedelic Stoner-Rock legends Nebula, has died. He was 48 years old. Davis lost a difficult battle with Leukemia. The news was shared by the band with a note from his family, on their socials, which you can read below. Davies joined Nebnula in 2023 and played on many EPs live albums, splits, and compilations, including four stand-out full-lengths: Apollo (2006), Heavy Psych (2009), Holy Shit (2010), and Transmission From Mothership Earth (2022). The band has been touring heavily all year and is slated to play the Heavy Chicago Festival this fall.

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PODCAST: Episode 318: Ragin Rosie Interviews Mark of Fuming Mouth at Milwaukee Metal Fest


Ragin Rosie caught up with Mark Whelan from Fuming Mouth at the comeback edition of Milwaukee Metal Fest! They chatted about touring, Fuming Mouth’s hardcore scene background, remembering Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, the infamous show in Texas with Terror that got shut down for moshing, beating cancer, the upcoming new album from the band coming soon, and much more!

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Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine Has Been Battling Prostate Cancer


In an interview with Spin, Tim Commerford, the bassist and co-founding member of Rage Against the Machine has been battling Prostate Cancer. The 54-year-old bassist has already had a surgery to remove his prostate just before RATM went on tour earlier in 2023, and has been dealing with the situation the last few years. Tim just released music from his new band 7D7D. Tim has remained optimistic and currently has zero PSA’s (prostate-specific antigen) in his system, which for the moment means cancer free. He will be tested every six months now. Best of luck, Tim.

He discusses his cancer journey so far in the chat.

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Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory is Once Again Fighting Cancer


In a post to his Instagram account, New Found Glory and Shai Hulud guitarist Chad Gilbert has announced that he once again has a tumor near his spine and is fighting cancer. Just under eight months ago, Gilbert had a tumor on his adrenal gland that almost killed him. In late January he was declared cancer free. He is due for surgery this week and then there is a plan for ongoing treatment. Chad recently left the NFG “Sticks and Stones” tour to get treatment. He has posted a new post to fans on Instagram and sounds encouraged about treatment.Continue reading

Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory and Shai Hulud is Battling a Rare Form of Cancer

In a post to his Instagram account, New Found Glory and Shai Hulud guitaris Chad Gilbert has announced that his is battling cancer and had a tumor on his adrenal gland that almost killed him. In a day by day account of his ordeal to date, Chad detailed how his wife found him unresponsive in bed, performed CPR on him and called 911. He nearly died as a result of the tumor. He has spent the last fourteen days in the hospital having surgeries and getting the cancer removed, the result of a rare tumor called a pheochromocytoma, the was malignant, which is uncommon. He has has surgery and further tests, and might need more treatment in the future, nut is currently back home resting. From the sound of his post he is optimistic from a recovery and we are wishing the best for Chad! Get well soon buddy.

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A GoFundMe has Been Launched for Fuming Mouth’s Mark Whelan who has Cancer

Sad news as according to a published report by Metal injection, Fuming Mouth guitarist and vocalist Mark Whelan has unfortunately been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Whelan is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. A GoFundMe to help Whelan with his medical expenses has been launched here. Read the posts from the band and their label Triple B Records from Boston and please contribute to the GoFundMe if you can, at the link below.Continue reading

Brendan “Stu” Maguire, Formerly of Bane and Reach The Sky Has Died

Terrible news as word has spread on soicial media that Brendan “Stu” Maguire, the former bassist and guitarist for Bane and Reach The Sky, has died. He died after a difficult few years battling pancreatic cancer. News spread of his death on social media after bands started paying tribute to Stu, a nickname he picked up over the years. In addition to his long stint in Bane (2005-2012), he also worked with Dropkick Murphys and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones as well as being a beloved person in the scene. Many fundraisers have been held, including hate5six streaming Ban’es final show ever as a charty drive, and the upcoming event on July 2nd, “We’re With Stu” at Boston’s House of Blues headlined by Bouncing Souls, Sick of It all, H20, and more. Stu was hoping to attend himself. He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. We send our condolences to Brendan’s family, friends and fans at this difficult time. Continue reading

Tom Hunting of Exodus Has Cancer


Sad news as legendary Thrash Metal drummer Tom Hunting of Exodus is fighting a form of esophageal cancer. He has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a gastric tumor that was diagnosed in his upper stomach The reveal was made in a post to the bands’ Facebook account and contains a message from Tom and the band. He was diagnosed in February and the diagnosis has not quelled his desire to tour once the new album releases this summer, due via Nuclear Blast. Get well soon Tom.

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