ALBUM REVIEW: Four Stroke Baron – Data Diamond

To try and place Four Stroke Baron neatly into a category of music is akin to trying to describe the Higgs field to a classroom full of ninth graders on the last day of school before summer break. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Body with OAA – Enemy of Love

Does your office or day job have that one annoying guy who wants to talk about heavy music with you because he noticed your Iron Maiden patch on your backpack? You know the guy. He’s the dude who keeps telling you about how he saw Disturbed at Ozzfest 2001 and regales you with tall tales about his exploits in the “mosh pit.” Well, next time he approaches your desk and asks what you’re jamming to do yourself a favor and throw on The Body’s latest collaboration (this time with OAA), Enemy of Love (Thrill Jockey). You’re welcome.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Body – I’ve Seen All I Need To See

Metal, for all its anti-establishment credentials, can often be quite conservative. Many of the same old tropes have been rolled out again and again for the past four decades or so. Whilst that’s not a major problem for many metal fans, it is arguable that the same recycled ideas just don’t have the same impact that they once did. What once seemed impossibly heavy, deafeningly loud, even shocking or transgressive, can now be played on mainstream radio without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Continue reading

Stellar Master Elite – Hologram Temple

With a name like Stellar Master Elite and an album title like Hologram Temple (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork), one might expect a band with the sort of melodic death metal pretensions of Scar Symmetry and its ilk. The truth is, this German Blackened Doom outfit ploughs its own furrow, harsh and abrasive, spaced out and ethereal, forlorn and crushing. Hologram Temple also delves into some deeper issues – what’s real? What’s not real? Are we any different from machines? Has the band been reading a lot of Philip K Dick? Can we have sex with fax machines? And so on.Continue reading

The Uncharted – Perspectives EP

I’m an absolute sucker for any art form which tries to tell a story and has some form of concept to it. I just love to have my nerd string pulled on I find I get way more invested in something if the artist(s) has gone that extra mile in creating something. In line with this come The Uncharted with debut EP Perspectives (self-released) where the story behind this release is that the technicality and progressiveness of the music is paired with an unknown narrator looking for the meaning of life through various ideas and philosophies he encounters.Continue reading

Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes

“Seek the antithesis: in any art form we engage with, there is need for inventive thinking that goes against uninspired standards. We grew up on music that bred fun and passion, perhaps that notion has been lost along the way”.Continue reading

NMBRSTTN Book West Coast Tour, New EP Coming Soon


NMBRSTTN energy and entropy album cover 2015

Sacramento, CA gothy post-hardcore anarchists Number Station (stylized as NMBRSTTN) are releasing their new EP Energy and Entropy (Flossless Audio) on Jun 16th. Produced by Pat Hills (King Woman, Tera Melos, Zach Hill), the EP is a followup to 2013’s praiseworthy self-titled full-length. With the launch the EP, the band has also announced an 11-date West Coast tour.

IMG_9603-Edit (1)

NMBRSTTN, photo by Flossless Records


NMBRSTTN tour dates:
Jun 12th Grass Valley Center for the Performing Arts, Grass Valley, CA

Jun 19th The Kraken, Seattle, WA

Jun 20th The Dark Place, Portland, OR

Jun 21st Black Forest, Eugene, OR

Jun 22nd Pink Teeth DIY @ Dynamite Vinyl Records, Fresno, CA

Jun 23rd Sweet Springs Saloon, Los Osos, CA

Jun 24th Eurphoria Hookah Lounge, Santa Barbara, CA

Jun 25th Bridgetown DIY, La Puente, CA

Jun 26th Part Time Punks Presents @ La Cita, Los Angeles, CA

Jun 27th Third Eye Records, Long Beach, CA

July 13th Shuffle Six Presents at Press Club (Record Release Show), Sacramento, CA

NMBRSTTN tour dates


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