ALBUM REVIEW: Capstan – The Mosaic

Brace yourself for this one — grab some popcorn and a comfy chair, because you’re in for a long, thrilling ride. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Grumpster – Grumpster

Contrary to popular belief, Pop Punk and Emo are far from dead and buried. There are tons of true-school cool pocket scenes all over with great bands and fans supporting the hell out of them. One of best bands that have come from the underground recently to earn props is Grumpster from Oakland. Always a legendary place for Punk (thank you East Bay scene, 924 Gilman Street), but has had more than a few killer bands of late too. Continue reading

Gen of Gen and The Degenerates Breaks Down the “Anti-Fun Propaganda” Album

Gen and The Degenerates band 2024 Photo Credit Derek Bremner ghostcultmag

Gen and The Degenerates band 2024 Photo Credit Derek Bremner

In this episode, Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with Genevieve Glynn-Reeves of up-and-coming UK Punk band Gen of Gen and The Degenerates. They just wrapped up a tour in the USA with Flogging Molly Band. Gen spoke with us about the new album “Anti-Fun Propaganda” out now via Marshall Records – breaking down each track, and touched on a wide array of topics from politics to touring. Continue reading

EP REVIEW: SNAYX – Better Days

UK Punk has had a bit of a resurgence in the past few years, with acts like Bob Vylan and Kid Kapichi bringing the likes of grime into the sound. The result has been massive for the scene on an even larger scale with Idles having sold out numerous dates instantly.

It is a good time to be a proud fan of the UK Punk scene. Continue reading

Alkaline Trio Books a Headline Tour of The UK and Europe – New Album Incoming

Alkaline Trio has booked a headline tour of The UK and Europe to support their upcoming new album Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, out January 26 on Rise Records. This is in addition to previously announced dates for the USA. Ticket links and album pre-orders are live at the links below!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Neck Deep – Neck Deep

There’s no question about it; if you follow modern pop punk, you know what a massive influence Neck Deep has had on the scene for the past decade. Ever since they made Life’s Not Out To Get You, one of the best pop punk albums of the 2010s (dare I say, of all time?), the British rockers have been a prominent staple in pop punk history. Even with the bar set so high, they continued to stack their catalog with upbeat anthems to blast from your car speakers with the windows down.Continue reading

Punk Rock Bowling 2024 Books Madness, Devo, Descendents, Gorilla Biscuits, Bratmobile, Scowl, Gogol Bordello, Quicksand, Rocket From The Crypt, The Chats, Madball, and More

Gearing up for its 24th year, Punk Rock Bowling has announced a positively stacked lineup this year! Headliners this year include 2-Tone legends Madness, Devo, and the Descendents! The lineup also includes Gorilla Biscuits, Bratmobile, Scowl, Gogol Bordello, Quicksand, Rocket From The Crypt, The Chats, Madball, Billy Bragg, Stiff Little Fingers, Subhumans, Scowl, 7Seconds, Catbite, Bratmobile, Cosmic Psychos, Lagwagon, and many more! See the post and the full lineup below. Teaser video and tickets on sale there as well! Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Tijuana Bibles – Free Milk

Tijuana Bibles play an explosive style of rowdy post-punk flavored rock. The Glasgow-based band takes you back to a time when punk sprang from the seedy intersections of rock n’ roll in the early seventies. These guys are forward-thinking and time and dedication went into Free Milk (Button Up Records). It is thought out from a production and songwriting standpoint without feeling like the danger was edited out in the mix. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Atreyu – The Beautiful Dark of Life

With music festivals leaning into the resurfacing of Myspace-era nostalgia, it is not surprising these guys have a new album out. Atreyu’s newest effort The Beautiful Dark of Life (Spinefarm Records) not only revives the head-banging brand of emo your “top 8” friends were once into, but it picks up where they left off with 2021’s Baptized. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Lil Lotus – Nosebleeder

These days, an album with fourteen tracks has become more of an anomaly than the status quo (barring Grindcore, of course, the universal exception to basically every rule ever).

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