ALBUM REVIEW: The Story So Far – I Want To Disappear

As one of the highest acclaimed modern Pop Punk bands, The Story So Far has set a high bar for themselves to live up to with every new release. After almost six years since their last album Proper Dose proved their ability to go beyond standard Pop Punk, the band is continuing their legacy with their fifth album I Want To Disappear (Pure Noise Records). 

While there are many notable moments on the album, only three out of ten tracks hit the three minute mark, causing some to not get enough time to fully flesh out. “Jump The Gun” continues The Story So Far’s streak of having some of the strongest song outros, but is deserving of a longer journey to reach it. On the contrary, the timid yet catchy “Letterman” gets all the time it needs to set its moody atmosphere.


The record’s second half, however, holds more differentiation than the first, making each track more distinct from one another. “Nothing To Say” starts off with fast-paced drums over a swirling guitar riff, and continues on with clever beats and fills that complement the guitars and exclamate the vocals satisfyingly. The song ends nicely with a nostalgic outro, throwing down a bouncy riff as Parker Cannon’s vocals become more distant.

“Keep You Around” slows things down while maintaining the band’s upbeat charm. The chorus is straightforward but hits hard, and the tranquil verses allow it to strike even harder every time it returns. The acoustic guitar lines are reminiscent of the autumn vibes of preceding record Proper Dose. And then there’s the instrumental ending that feels sorrowful yet uplifting, serving as a solid reminder why The Story So Far has been one of the most esteemed pop punk bands for over a decade.


The final two songs are primarily acoustic, and may have benefitted from being more spread out through the album for more consistent contrast. Nevertheless, both are standout tracks. The dynamic “White Shores” builds from dreamy harmonies over soothing strings to melodious riffs and impassioned vocal layers. The title track then closes the record with a lulling guitar line and simple yet memorable melodies, making for a sincere and heartfelt ending.

Although it’s hard to follow up an instant classic like Proper Dose, I Want To Disappear overall does not disappoint. Every song is immediately recognizable as The Story So Far, including each golden singalong that will go down in Pop Punk history.


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7 / 10
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