ALBUM REVIEW: Creak – Depth Perception

Depth Perception is the debut full-length album from recent Prosthetic Records signees Creak, a heavy new metallic Hardcore band hailing from Newcastle UK.

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Cold Snap – All Our Sins

The return of nu-metal to the scene is not an unexpected one. Bands like Cane Hill started popping up a couple of years ago, and due to the cyclical nature of influences, the return of the latter nineties was overdue (notwithstanding the fact the nu-metal was the single biggest commercial period for metal of recent history). Nor is the return of nu-metal a bad thing. So, enter, tentatively in any case, Cold Snap, who have earned their spot on the Nuclear Blast’s imprint label, Arising Empire, for All Our Sins, their fourth album overall, through sporting means, the Croatian nu-Metalcore crew winning their deal via a competition.Continue reading