ALBUM REVIEW: Avralize – Freaks

They say fashion recycles motifs and trends every twenty years or so. It could be argued that’s nearly true for music styles. German quartet Avralize is pulling on the threads of late 00’s/early 2010’s style to blend it into a modern Metalcore outfit. Continue reading

Defocus Share New Single and Video for “crooked mind”

Aalen/Stuttgart metalcore four-piece, Defocus, have released a third standalone single in “crooked mind.” It follows “biased” and “let the bond be my grave” amongst the band’s first new tracks since their 2021 debut album In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same (Arising Empire). Check out the video for “crooked mind” below.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Heart of a Coward – This Place Only Brings Death


A decade back, Heart of a Coward were one of the rising stars in the UK metal scene, having just released their second album Severance. The band were looked on to be the next big thing when it came to metalcore, and when they followed that up with the highly acclaimed Deliverance, these previous assertions felt cemented in. Alongside their peers in Architects, Bury Tomorrow and While She Sleeps, the stage was set for Heart of a Coward to join the ranks part of this leading new class.

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ALBUM REVIEW: To Kill Achilles – Recovery


Recovery of any kind – both physically and mentally – is a massive process that should be seen for the courageous and brave act that it is. Whether from addiction or injury, the road to that recovery has to start with the person who has to undergo said recovery. And that’s no small feat. More importantly, recovery looks different for every single person, even with the same affliction. Most important of all, however, is that recovery isn’t always the destination, but rather the journey to something at least better.

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ALBUM REVIEW: For The Fallen Dreams – For The Fallen Dreams


A great deal of today’s biggest metalcore fans consider the 2000s to the 2010s the golden years of the genre. Bands such as Michigan-based For The Fallen Dreams who have continued on since the MySpace era help to maintain the style’s raw spirit with their ever-evolving nu-metal twists – and their new self-titled album (Arising Empire) is no exception.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Polar – Everywhere, Everything

Everywhere, Everything (Arising Empire) is the fifth album from Polar, the Hardcore natives of Guildford, Surrey (UK), and is the follow-up to 2019’s Nova. It is a collection of songs written together during the pandemic, and with their current lineup for the first time, which had brought a premature end to their tour with After The Burial, Spiritbox, and Make Them Suffer.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lionheart – Welcome To The West Coast III


LHHC, baby.


Singer Rob Watson is one of the most adept frontmen in hardcore when it comes to being able to both hype up a crowd and tell grim, streetwise lyrical tales over bouncy grooves. Nothing has changed with their latest release, Welcome To The West Coast III (Arising Empire). While the series of ‘Welcome…’ releases started with an EP, it is now halfway to keeping pace with Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter albums. “Welcome” implies an introduction, but ironically the band no longer need one. Think of the title as more akin to an ongoing episodic documentary at this point.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Our Mirage – Eclipse


Metalcore has evolved significantly since the early 2000s, with countless bands finding their own creative strategies to embrace the melodic side of the genre without forgetting about its metal roots. Rising up from Marl, Germany, Our Mirage solidify what makes their brand of metalcore special with their somber yet hard-hitting tone as well as their captivating ways of storytelling. Their sophomore album Eclipse (Arising Empire) takes the heavy rock riffing and balances it with atmospheric touches that bring out a certain delicacy amongst the havoc.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Borders – Bloom Season


Any band who knows how to blur the lines between two styles that are normally considered drastically different deserves some praise for that alone, and groups like Lincoln, UK’s Borders continue to push those boundaries. Their sophomore album Bloom Season (Arising Empire) ventures further on their seamless mingling of metalcore and hip-hop, yet there is no shortage of either genre’s core elements. While some tracks may embrace one over the other, the balance is consistent, making for a record easily accessible to a wide range of music fans. Continue reading