EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: The Arson Choir Shares a New Single and Video for “Pretend The World is Perfect And Forever”

The Arson Choir has shared a new single and music video for “Pretend The World is Perfect And Forever!” The single was recorded by the band’s drummer Mike Eichstedts while the mixing and mastering were completed by Jeff Dunne (Knocked Loose, Make Them Suffer, Currents). The track is accompanied by a music video inspired by the movie It Follows and created by Gene Ramirez. Their second single in recent times after covering 18 Visions, the new song expands on the band’s sound that balances noisy, progressive guitar work, great vocals, typically strong storytelling, and an enormous breakdown! Watch it now! Continue reading

The Arson Choir Share Their New Music Video For Cover of “Tower Of Snakes” by Eighteen Visions

Southern Californian mathcore quintet The Arson Choir blends nostalgic and modern riffs to create their raw and organic sound. An intense live show filled with dissonant chords and creative melodies showcases a new style of fast and loud. Today, the band pays homage to Eighteen Visions’ who heavily influenced their sound. Head to Outburn.com to watch the performance video directed by Gene Ramirez for their cover of “Tower Of Snakes!” Check out the music video here:Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Burner – It All Returns to Nothing


It All Returns to Nothing (Church Road Records) is the debut album from London-based four-piece Burner, and has been highly anticipated by those in the know, who have been following the singles releases the band have been drip-feeding since the end of 2021. And Burner are the latest in a long line of artists who have found a suitable home on Church Road Records, one of the UKs thriving independent labels for heavy music.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pupil Slicer – Blossom


Pupil Slicer announced themselves in style with a sea of aggression, when their debut album Mirrors landed in 2021, and they immediately found themselves at home in the UKs thriving post-pandemic underground Metal scene, which saw them hitting the road the following year on a salivating and high-profile tour with Rolo Tomassi and Heriot. Mirrors was an accomplished debut performance of relentless raw energy and anger, with Pupil Slicer hinting at their full potential on the album’s final song ‘Collective Unconscious’, which was deeper and slower in pace, showing a maturity in their song-writing that extended beyond the abrasive math/deathcore on the rest of the record.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Death Goals – A Garden Of Dead Flowers


Imagining what sounds the absence of something emits can be as intangible as it is incomprehensible. A garden of dead flowers, for example, would presumably lack much in the way of disturbances or noises. Yet, Death Goals penned a soundtrack for that scene and it’s deranged, cantankerous, and irrepressible.

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INTERVIEW: Brett Roos of Steaksauce Mustache on The Power of Having Fun in Metal

Brett Roos of Steaksauce Mustache checked in with Ghost Cult last year to discuss the origin of the band, being “Happy Party Core” – being prolific music makers, their last album “All Juice No Noise” touring, a wide array of influences, and keeping the fun at the forefront of everything they do.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Warforged – The Grove – Sundial


Warforged is one of those bands that has eight and a half million labels used to describe their music. From black metal, technical, death to proggy, I think each and every promo notification I received for this band labeled the band with something different. The multitude of labels are actually appropriate as not a single track on The Grove | Sundial (The Artisan Era), the band’s second album, sounds the same on this album.

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Gojira – Rolo Tomassi: Live at Birmingham 02 Academy, 29th June

It’s the hottest day of the year. Stepping outside feels like walking into a furnace, and the pollen count is so high that even the bees are saying “yeah, that’s enough, thanks”. All because apparently, the sun has arbitrarily decided that in the space of twelve hours, everyone in the UK has to die by melting.Continue reading

Employed To Serve – Eternal Forward Motion

With a new label, their own album release shows, and more touring and festival slots than seemingly physically possible, Employed To Serve have grabbed 2019 by the throat and they will not let go until the whole world knows their name. Eternal Forward Motion (Spinefarm Records) is the most apt album title for this band right now as they steamroll through the competition, uncompromising in their sound, there seems to be no slowing down for Woking’ s heaviest export.Continue reading

Orchid – Miasma

Despite a heavy music scene that is abundant in talent, not many of India’s Metal bands have appeared on the radar outside of their native country. Aside from the likes of Demonic Resurrection especially, Bhayanak Maut and (although more an international band) Skyharbor, India’s Metal scene is still a hidden entity to many on the outside. With a formidable live presence and with an exciting debut full length in Miasma (self-released), if there is any justice, Mathcore mentalists Orchid should be poised to be the scene’s next breakout.Continue reading