Rhino Shares a New Single and Music Video for “Gentle Sound of the Knife” – New Album Incoming

Italian Stoner Rock band Rhino has shared a new single and music video for “Gentle Sound of the Knife!” The track comes off of their upcoming new album, Human Farm, due out in early 2024 via Argonauta Records. Pre-save the single at the link below and watch the video here. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Electric Boys – Grand Explosivos


Swedish rockers Electric Boys had a bit of success in the late eighties and early nineties when their boisterous Funk Metal track “All Hips n’ Lips” caught the eye of MTV and their first two albums, Funk O Metal Carpet Ride and Groovus Maximus, caught the eye of the public. Things fizzled out in 1994 but they reunited fifteen years later and have been steadily releasing new material since.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Kvelertak – Endling


Kvelertak (Norwegian for ‘Stranglehold’) are one of the more unique offerings hailing from the land of mystical forests and flowing fjords, and are anything but your typical Black Metal band from the region. In fact any hints of the sound are very few and far between on their fifth album Endling (Rise Records), with the influence used sparingly.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Alice Cooper – Road


Any rational, working seventy-five-year-old would probably be thinking very seriously about winding down by now. Come on now, old man. That’s enough. It’s time for your pipe and slippers. But as we are all fully aware, Alice Cooper is not your average seventy-five-year-old. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly apparent with each passing year that he is, in all likelihood, an actual vampire. Yes, much like Keith Richards, Alice cannot be killed by conventional weapons.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Gaff and Doug of Gozu Breakdown Their New Album – “Remedy’


Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Gaff and Doug of Heavy Rockers Gozu! Their new album “Remedy” is out now via Blacklight Media Records / Metal Blade Records! The guys did a breakdown of the new album with us, and chatted about a host of other topics!

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ALBUM REVIEW: DZ Deathrays – R.I.F.F.


Punky Aussie rockers DZ Deathrays thrash back into action with another riff-laden assault on the world’s delicate senses, a sixth studio album not short on forceful intent, lip-curled confidence, and “in-your-face” braggadocio.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Phoxjaw – notverynicecream


For reasons well documented that we are not going to touch on here, notverynicecream (Hassle Records) the sophomore record from Bristolian avant-garde noise merchants Phoxjaw, finally sees the light of day some six months after first scheduled. And focusing solely on the music, is this a record that was worth the wait? In a nutshell … Yes!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Crown Lands – Fearless


Crown Lands claim the crown with this truly fearless album. Which crown? The crown of the New Kings of Progressive Rock. This virtuoso, exciting and engaging Canadian duo – guitarist/bassist/keys player Kevin Comeau and singer/drummer Cody Bowles – have delivered a record that, if you hold any prog in your soul, will leave you smiling from sated ear to sated ear. It’s also a record full of ideas, that will make you think, that fulfills its promise, and is well worth the wait – how many albums can we say that about? As Bowles sings on ‘Context’: “If life is a wheel/ Please let it spin/ And doors that may open/ Please let me in …” You’re in guys, you’re in.

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Riven – Peace and Conflict

I’ve always pictured the Stockholm-bound The Riven as the Swedish version of Thulsa Doom – similar vibes, similar undertones, and similar upbeat resonances. The RIven, as far as I observe, has always been influenced by the sounds from the golden age of classic rock; the 1970s and 1980s. Their sounds are genuinely hard-hitting, sharp-shooting, and they appear to be the kind of sounds that would make you want to headbang as the exciting memories in your head replay themselves in retrospect whilst you listen to them. In terms of genre classification, they might pass as heavy blues rock with progressive, psychedelic, and classical influences and a strong emphasis on menacing riffs as well as vigorous vocals.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Accept – Narcotic Wasteland Live At The Token Lounge

Old school metal lovers gathered on the west side of Detroit last Saturday to witness the acclaimed and beloved band, Accept. Nestled on the borders of two of the city’s burbs, The Token Lounge is a cozy-sized venue that has been serving Livonia, Westland, and beyond for over fifty years. Known for welcoming everyone from world famous bands to local artists down the street, this hallowed hall was a special spot to host the legendary German/American act. Touring for the first time in a while, Accept have been excited to promote their sixteenth full-length, Too Mean to Die (Nuclear Blast Records) that came out in 2021. Read our review here! Their show last weekend hit town near the end of their month-long North American run, and we Michiganders were happy to have them.

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