When bands make the grand announcement that their next album is to be their last this usually means one of two things. It won’t actually be their final record at all, or the end product will probably ending up being some lacklustre, contractual obligation full of second-hand riffs that never made it onto previous records. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Destroyer of Light’s Final Chapter: Steve Colca on “Degradation Years’

In this episode, vocalist and guitarist Steve Colca of the doom metal band Destroyer of Light. Steve discusses their latest release “Degradation Years,” the band’s fifth and possibly last album, now available via Bandcamp.Continue reading

Sum 41 Shares a New Music Video for “Dopamine” – Farewell Album Heaven :X: Hell Out Now  

Sum 41 has released a new music video for “Dopamine”. The video takes viewers on an adventure through the highs and lows of Las Vegas – wandering down the iconic Las Vegas Strip, winning big at the casino, running through hotels, and watching the person you love get married by an Elvis impersonator to somebody else. The track comes from the band’s farewell album, Heaven :X: Hell, out today via Rise Records. The new music video for “Dopamine” is available now!Continue reading

Cock Sparrer Announce Final Album “Hand In Heart” and Two Record Release Shows

Some bands say all they have to say at the very beginning of their career, with diminishing returns the longer they hang around. That could not be further from the truth, however, for the legendary Cock Sparrer, the “biggest punk band most people have never heard of.” As the band gears up for the April 5th, 2024 release of their eighth and final studio album, Hand On Heart, and looks forward to celebrating their 52nd year with headlining shows and festival appearances, it’s never been a better time to be Cock Sparrer than right now! Pre-order the album here.

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Sum 41 Drop Single and Video for “Rise Up” From Their Upcoming Final Album

Grammy-nominated pop-punk band, Sum 41, have just announced the upcoming release of their last ever LP. The double album, Heaven :x: Hell, is expected for release on 29th March, 2024 via Rise Records. Concluding the band’s nearly 3 decades of existence, one part of the release, Heaven, is pop punk, while the other, Hell, delves into their more metal side. Head into the article below for the new video and more.

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INTERVIEW: Kevin Martin of Candlebox Breaks Down “The Long Goodbye” Album

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up once again with Kevin Martin of Candlebox! The band just released their farewell album “The Long Goodbye” and are on their final tour through the rest of 2023, at least. Kevin discussed the new album, gave his perspective on his life and career, the music industry right now, the legacy of Candlebox,  and a lot more! 

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