When bands make the grand announcement that their next album is to be their last this usually means one of two things. It won’t actually be their final record at all, or the end product will probably ending up being some lacklustre, contractual obligation full of second-hand riffs that never made it onto previous records. Continue reading

Mr Big Share a Single and Video for “Good Luck Trying” – New Album Coming Soon

In the midst of their final tour – The Big FinishMr. Big have just shared a new single and lyric video for their track “Good Luck Trying.” It comes from their tenth studio album, Ten, which was produced by Jay Ruston and Mr. Big, and is due out on Friday, July 12th, via Frontiers Music Srl. In a tribute to their late drummer, Pat Torpey, Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, and Billy Sheehan have enlisted Nick D’Virgilio. for the album. Keep reading for the new track and more.
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CONCERT REVIEW: Mr. Big – Jared James Nichols Live at KK’s Steel Mill

You can always tell how busy KK’s Steel Mill is going to be by the amount of available parking spaces near the venue. Tonight there are none. Not a one. Forget being able to swing a cat, inside KK’s tonight there’s barely enough room to swing a tardigrade.Continue reading

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: STAFF PICKS – Callum Reid’s Top 10 of 2023

As we barrel down towards the end of the year, we are sharing End of Year lists from staff, bands, and some friends in the business. Check out our esteemed scribe Callum Reid and his picks for the Top Albums of 2023!


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INTERVIEW: Paul Gilbert Talks About “The Dio Album” and Playing Guitar for The Joy of it

Ghost Cult caught up with guitar legend Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) all about his new record, “The Dio Album” – out this week from Music Theories / Mascot Label Group. Paul discussed the inspiration he draws from Ronnie James Dio, guitar and bass parts from DIO, Black Sabbath Rainbow and more, making his new album, his playing regimen, and more!    

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ALBUM REVIEW: Paul Gilbert – The Dio Album


There is no love like a labour of love. There is no greater folly than a labour of love. Are those two statements contrary, or can they co-exist “happily”, somehow relating the same truth? Listen to The Dio Album (Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group), and come back to me.

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PODCAST: Episode 251: The Steve and Keefy Power Hour, April 2023 Edition

Time for another edition of The Steve and Keefy Power Hour! Senior Editor Steve Tovey joins Chief Editor Keefy, recapping March 2023 Rock and Metal Releases and previewing April’s essential new heavy music! Two white guys and music nerds pontificate on the music you love. Also, will we have new music soon from Ghost, Slipknot, Foo Fighters, and Iron Maiden? Shoutout to our amazing team of reviewers worldwide. Also, also, RIP Mat Davies as always. Hosted by Ojaay!

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Jason Becker’s Three Most Important Guitars Are Going to Auction


Legendary guitarist/composer Jason Becker (solo, David Lee Roth Band, Cacaphony) will offer three of his most important and rare guitars through Guernsey’s Auctions, the prestigious New York auction house renowned for offering unique memorabilia and artifacts. These guitars are being sold as part of a fundraiser, co-organized by DragonForce guitarist Herman Li, to provide funds for Jason’s ongoing battle with ALS. Guernsey’s Auctions will offer the following in its ‘A Century of Music’ auction:

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BLOODSTOCK 2018- Part 2: Catton Hall, Derbyshire UK


With everyone firmly into the swing of things by now, Saturday’s main stage openers Nailed to Obscurity opened proceedings strongly enough but were promptly blown out of the water by one of the major surprises of the festival – Power Trip. A combination of thrash and early death metal, the Texan act were a blur of riffs and speed, whipping up the early afternoon crowd into an explosive cyclone of energy. Continue reading

Ayreon’s New Song Features Members Of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Blind Guardian And More

Arjen Lucassen will be releasing his new Ayreon album, The Source, on April 27th via Mascot Label Group, and as promised, this record features a ton of guest appearances from some of the biggest names in heavy metal. Continue reading