CONCERT REVIEW: Mr. Big – Jared James Nichols Live at KK’s Steel Mill

You can always tell how busy KK’s Steel Mill is going to be by the amount of available parking spaces near the venue. Tonight there are none. Not a one. Forget being able to swing a cat, inside KK’s tonight there’s barely enough room to swing a tardigrade.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Machine Head – Fear Factory – Orbit Culture – Gates To Hell Live at The Warfield

Kicking off 2024 with bang, we headed out to the first show of the year at legendary The Warfield! Hometown heroes Machine Head have not played the city in a few years, and joining them on this epic tour was Fear Factory who missed last year’s show in the city with Static-X. Joining them on this joint are current buzz band Orbit Culture who just got signed to Century Media Records, and Gates To Hell from Louisville opening This is a very strong bill top to bottom especially with two of the most dominant and enduring names in Metal from the nineties still at the top!Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Cattle Decapitation – Immolation – Sanguisugabogg – Castrator Live at The Warsaw

Brooklyn’s newly reopened Warsaw venue, and witnessed an unforgettable night of extreme metal. The line-up boasting Cattle Decapitation, Immolation, Sanguisugabogg, and Castrator delivered performances that showcased the raw energy and technical prowess of the genre. This diverse range of death metal styles made it a night to remember for fans.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Lucifer – Coven – Early Moods Live at Le Poisson Rouge

The renowned venue Le Poisson Rouge hosted an unholy night of Heavy Metal, in the heart of New York City. A triple bill dubbed “The Satanic Panic Tour” – featured Lucifer, Coven, and Early Moods. It was the perfect environment for this tour. The bands did not disappoint, giving a modern throwback feeling of heavy metal.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Perturbator – Carpenter Brut – Ho99o9 Live at 013 Poppodium

On a cold Sunday evening, I had the pleasure to cover the final show of the “Leather Sacraments” tour by Perturbator and Carpenter Brut for Ghost cult magazine. Supporting them tonight is LA Hip-Hop outfit Ho99o9 (said: Horror). It promises to be an excellent night of dancing to retro synthwave of various forms. The 013 main hall is filling up quite well by the time I arrive. It seems the balcony is staying closed today, which allows for a more intimate feel for the entire show, even though it did not sell out.

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CONCERT REVIEW: CAVALERA – Incite – Recall the Remains Live at KK’s Steel Mill


Another cold night in wintry Wolverhampton beckons but KK’s Steel Mill is always a welcome sight. A former factory building owned by former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing, the venue, opened in 2018, has already gained a great reputation, landing many top quality metal acts ahead of other local rivals.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Destruction – Whiplash – Enforcer – Crisix Live at KK’s Steel Mill


There’s an A4 sized piece of paper gaffer taped to the wall inside KK’s Steel Mill tonight.



A sign that, to everyday folk, might seem a little worrying but to everyone congregated here on this cold October evening, it’s positively reassuring. The world might be in a horrible state currently but at least some things can be relied upon. The mood in the venue is positive, the drinks are flowing and even the merchandise stand is selling their wares at affordable prices. It’s going to be a good night.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Imagine Dragons – AJR Live at The Olympic Complex Athens

It was a week where Greece was hit by an unusual tropical storm (Daniel) that made its way to Athens at the same time the concert was to take place. There was notice after notice that the production company was watching the weather report, and people even received notices that the weather would clear up by show time on September 6th. But it did not. It poured the entire evening and the show had to stop a few times due to the severe weather warnings for fans would have to shelter at the adjacent basketball court. But needless to say, those who come, and braved the weather and experienced something nothing short of a magical performance. Most fans came prepared with umbrellas and ponchos, embraced the muddy grounds, and gleefully sang along the entire set. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Mr. Bungle – Battles Live at The Fillmore


Something I always do is avoid using “I” in a review. I always avoid talking in the first person and just give a description of the show and let the reader form an opinion. I recently got the opportunity to see Mr. Bungle in Philadelphia and they are no ordinary band so this will not be an ordinary review.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Mizmor – Unreqvited – Funeral Leech Live at Saint Vitus Bar


To say I was ecstatic walking into St. Vitus Bar for the first time in four years would be a massive understatement. As I approached the familiar corner of Manhattan Avenue and Clay Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the ominous black door with a bunch of metal heads already gathered outside, I could feel a rush of happiness through my entire body and brain. Not very grim or troo sounding, I know. Saint Vitus Bar is just not another place to me, it was like a second home to me for the second life that I had living in New York from 2016 to 2021. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, but the reality is that I deeply and truly love this venue and everybody associated with running it. The fact that it survived the worst of times in the music industry is a testament to the power that it built and the fans that continue to support this place. Unsurprisingly, the show was a sellout tonight.

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