CONCERT REVIEW: CAVALERA – Incite – Recall the Remains Live at KK’s Steel Mill


Another cold night in wintry Wolverhampton beckons but KK’s Steel Mill is always a welcome sight. A former factory building owned by former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing, the venue, opened in 2018, has already gained a great reputation, landing many top quality metal acts ahead of other local rivals.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Destruction – Whiplash – Enforcer – Crisix Live at KK’s Steel Mill


There’s an A4 sized piece of paper gaffer taped to the wall inside KK’s Steel Mill tonight.



A sign that, to everyday folk, might seem a little worrying but to everyone congregated here on this cold October evening, it’s positively reassuring. The world might be in a horrible state currently but at least some things can be relied upon. The mood in the venue is positive, the drinks are flowing and even the merchandise stand is selling their wares at affordable prices. It’s going to be a good night.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Imagine Dragons – AJR Live at The Olympic Complex Athens

It was a week where Greece was hit by an unusual tropical storm (Daniel) that made its way to Athens at the same time the concert was to take place. There was notice after notice that the production company was watching the weather report, and people even received notices that the weather would clear up by show time on September 6th. But it did not. It poured the entire evening and the show had to stop a few times due to the severe weather warnings for fans would have to shelter at the adjacent basketball court. But needless to say, those who come, and braved the weather and experienced something nothing short of a magical performance. Most fans came prepared with umbrellas and ponchos, embraced the muddy grounds, and gleefully sang along the entire set. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Mr. Bungle – Battles Live at The Fillmore


Something I always do is avoid using “I” in a review. I always avoid talking in the first person and just give a description of the show and let the reader form an opinion. I recently got the opportunity to see Mr. Bungle in Philadelphia and they are no ordinary band so this will not be an ordinary review.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Mizmor – Unreqvited – Funeral Leech Live at Saint Vitus Bar


To say I was ecstatic walking into St. Vitus Bar for the first time in four years would be a massive understatement. As I approached the familiar corner of Manhattan Avenue and Clay Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the ominous black door with a bunch of metal heads already gathered outside, I could feel a rush of happiness through my entire body and brain. Not very grim or troo sounding, I know. Saint Vitus Bar is just not another place to me, it was like a second home to me for the second life that I had living in New York from 2016 to 2021. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, but the reality is that I deeply and truly love this venue and everybody associated with running it. The fact that it survived the worst of times in the music industry is a testament to the power that it built and the fans that continue to support this place. Unsurprisingly, the show was a sellout tonight.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Disturbed – Breaking Benjamin – Jinjer Live at St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheatre


St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheatre at Lakeview played host to an epic evening of music featuring three bands: Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, and Jinjer. Opened as the Lakeview Amphitheater in 2015, the venue is perched on the shores of Lake Onondaga and boasts 5000 seats under cover in the pavilion and a capacity of another 12,500 on the lawn. Being conveniently located at the intersection of two major area highways, driving there is relatively easy and the $20 for parking seemed reasonable compared to most other similar venues. It should be noted that the geography of being between the lake and the highway dictates that the parking lot be long and narrow. It can be a long walk to and from the stage and coming and going can take some time so plan accordingly. The staff did an excellent job moving everyone quickly and efficiently through the process.

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CONCERT REVIEW: The Convalescence – W.o.R. – Yes Devil Live at D.N.A. Lounge


One of my favorite things about living in the Bay Area is the sheer number and variety of metal shows on a weekly basis. There’s nothing else quite like it and one can always find something new to step outside their musical comfort zone. This week was no exception as I booked it across the bridge to DNA Lounge in San Francisco to hear The Convalescence, W.o.R, and Yes Devil.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Haken – Arch Echo Live at The Neptune


Being unfamiliar with a band when seeing them live has become a preference over the 30 years I’ve been going to live performances. Favorite bands continue to surprise and dominate, and even sometimes disappoint, but going in blind to a show offers a special experience that cannot be rivaled. Moreover, not being particularly familiar with prog metal shows, I wasn’t entirely sure what the experience would be like as I set out to see Haken, the six-piece outfit Haken from the United Kingdom. Similarly, Arch Echo, the only other act on the bill, was a mystery to me as well.


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CONCERT REVIEW: Voivod – Imperial Triumphant – Vacuous Depths Live at Floridian Social Club


Canadian space thrashers Voivod are celebrating forty years of bringing metal to mortals in the manner you might expect from them… on the road. Given the rising costs of touring this band has become a labor of love. I have seen Voivod multiple times going back to the 80s and while I only listen to them a fraction of what I did growing up, they always hold a place in my heart that inspires me to catch them whenever they land in town. They have a knack for picking hungry young band which forces Voivod to dig into their reserves and bring the A game. When I first saw them on the Nothingface tour Soundgarden opened up for them, as they toured to support “Louder Than Love”. Soundgarden’s live energy was at its peak then, forcing Voivod to turn up their post-apocalyptic heaviness.


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CONCERT REVIEW: Killswitch Engage – Fit For An Autopsy – Death Ray Vision Live at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom


I waited 18 years to see Killswitch Engage live. Tonight was definitely a show for the books.

Massachusetts metalcore leaders Killswitch Engage decided that Hampton Beach needed some love and did a one-off show last week at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom alongside deathcore titans Fit For An Autopsy, Death Ray Vision, and Paradise Slaves.


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