ALBUM REVIEW: Darkness Everywhere – To Conquer Eternal Damnation

When it comes to American influences in Metal, it’s far from out of the ordinary to find European acts adopting a more U.S.-friendly sound to grow musically or widen their fan base. It is a little more unusual, however, to find American bands who look to Europe for inspiration. Especially when that influence goes back thirty years.

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In Flames Announce Vinyl Reissues of Classic Albums – US Tour Kicks Off

As they start a jaunt across the US, In Flames have just announced the anniversary vinyl reissues of some of their out of print albums. Nuclear Blast Records will put out Lunar Strain (30th anniversary), Colony (25th anniversary), Soundtrack To Your Escape (20th anniversary) and Siren Charms (10th anniversary). The new editions are scheduled to be released on July 19th, 2024. Head into the article below to find out more.
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DragonForce – Warp Speed Warriors

Before we start, go back and take another look at the cover art. 

Go on, I’ll wait. 

See, while some bands go for a subtle or even abstract “don’t judge a book by its cover” approach, other bands are Dragonforce. Everything emblazoned on the cover to ninth full length studio release Warp Speed Warriors (Napalm Records) is represented here through the medium of eardrum destroying sound. No room for understatement, metaphor or artifice – just a bold, blinding explosion of light, colour and comic book action.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Machine Head – Fear Factory – Orbit Culture – Gates To Hell Live at The Warfield

Kicking off 2024 with bang, we headed out to the first show of the year at legendary The Warfield! Hometown heroes Machine Head have not played the city in a few years, and joining them on this epic tour was Fear Factory who missed last year’s show in the city with Static-X. Joining them on this joint are current buzz band Orbit Culture who just got signed to Century Media Records, and Gates To Hell from Louisville opening This is a very strong bill top to bottom especially with two of the most dominant and enduring names in Metal from the nineties still at the top!Continue reading

Arch Enemy Parts Ways with Longtime Guitarist Jeff Loomis, Joey Conception (Jasta, Armageddon, The Absence)

Arch Enemy founding guitarist and leader Michael Amott has announced tat Jeff Loomis is no longer a member of the long-running Melodic Death Metal band. The split is apparently amicalble, has been coming for a while and the band has announced a replacement. American shredder Joey Conception (Jasta, Armageddon, The Abscence) will step in. Joe has filled in before with the band. Amott has commented:Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Astralborne – Across The Aeons


Being based in the US, you’d probably expect a relatively new band like Astralborne, formed in 2018, to adopt more popular current musical traits in order to attract attention. However, instead of going for standard metalcore vocal trappings or deathcore breakdowns in drop Z, the enterprising Ohioans keep clean singing and Djent at the door, owing far more to the likes of European melodeath acts such as Arch Enemy, (early) In Flames and Amon Amarth.

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EP REVIEW: Beltfed Weapon – Darkened Demise


Beltfed Weapon has often felt like a fun but sort of long-running vanity (but nonetheless valid) project for Seattle’s talented Frank Hetzel, many years between quite short releases featuring a who’s who of underground metal players guesting in support of a slightly odd discography. It is strange to me that there aren’t a series of full-lengths after so much time spent between releases, but every shorter thing Frank has released still has moments to enjoy for the casual thrash, death, and (at times) power metal fan. 

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EP REVIEW: Omnium Gatherum – Slasher


Following on from 2021’s Origin, Finnish melodeath act Omnium Gatherum have gained a sixth member in former Arch Enemy guitarist Nick Cordle and recorded Slasher (Century Media), a thunderous four-track EP which plays directly to the band’s many strengths.

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